Monday, 18 July 2011

How to do a Pedicure at home

I know we might have read many articles on "how to do a manicure/pedicure at home". This article is something of the same sort and this is my style of pedicure. I get a pedicure done at home, once in a week. I'm too lazy to go to a Salon for that. The end results are almost salon-like. So, Me Happy!!!!!!
I would stop my ramblings and let's get started, Fasten your Seat Belts :):D:P

1. Like most of us know, the first step in any manicure/pedicure make sure that you remove your old nail polish, cut and file nails. Never file your nails after soaking them in water or after a bath, because water moistens the nails and the chances of you breaking the nails is quite high!!

2. Next  is to prepare a foot soak and relax your feet. Take some warm water in a tub and add your favorite foot soak to it. At the moment, I use a Scholls Refreshing foot soak. But I have used my shower gels as well.  Soak     your feet for atleast 20 minutes, so that the calluses and the hard skin gets softened up

3. Wipe your feet and use a scraper/pumice to remove calluses and dead skin from your feet.. Personal Experience: Soft heels take some time, atleast 2-4 pedicures and regular care. If you are using a metal scraper, don't scrape too much, it might result in scratches, that are painful. And yeah. That's me.

4. After this, I use a scrub to remove dead skin from my feet. My favorite is Dr. Scholl's rough skin remover. I always wer gloves while scrubbing, because it has pumice powder and it actually hurts my hands :(

5.  Who would like yellow nails? To whiten them, I make a paste of baking powder and water, apply it on my nails, and it does work.. I apply it on my feet as well, and it does brighten the dark parts of my feet.

6. Next is to apply a foot cream, I massage it onto my feet and wrap my feet with a warm towel. I use Dr. Scholl's foot/nail cream and krack Soft heels gel at times as well.

Krack gel is good, but I prefer  Scholl's foot/nail cream as it adds instant moisture

7. Apply some cuticle cream /vaseline and push the cuticles. I cut my cuticles at times, if they are too hard.  I end up having unruly cuticles at times, thanks to Chennai's water.

8. Once we are done, I paint a base coat, the one I'm using right now is the one from Oriflame, Crystal base/top coat. Then followed by your favorite nail color and a top coat!!! And we are done...

9. It takes totally 45 minutes.. I know its long, but how much do you save?? You know it!!!!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NOTD- DAME Nail Polish in Praising Purple!!

I had mentioned in my previous posts that I had stumbled upon a nail polish range from DAME manufactured by Johnson and Smiths, Bangalore and I actually liked the lacquers.  They cost only Rs. 40, but don't have the irritating nail polish smell. And doesn't chip for 4-5 days.. A good quality nail polish, at such a cheap price, what else do I need.. Stopped collecting L'Oreal, Maybelline ( which were my past favorites) for a while and stared collecting these ones.

They have a very good range of colors, including some colors that I haven't ever seen. One among them would be the one that I would be reviewing. Its called PRAISING PURPLE!!! This is a purplish  lavender shape which has a pearly finish..

This is the image with one coat of the color. A little sheer, but the second coat, gives the best color..

This color did make my hands look a little dark. But I am not among the ones who care/cry for it :P

I haven't applied any base/top coat, but it doesn't fail to shine!!!

This lasts for 3-5 days, but I keep changing my nail color every other day, so lasting power isn't really a concern for me. What matters is the quality of the nail paint.. I have no problems of discoloration, even with their black nail color..

I would rate this one 4/5.. -1 for the availability ofcourse.. I haven't seen it anywhere apart from that departmental store..

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