Thursday, 15 November 2012

LA Colors - Caribbean Pink & Jewel Tone

Hello Readers,

I have been seeing LA Colors nail polishes on UT for quite some time and finally my wait came to an end when I order two nail polishes from them - being a pink lover I took Caribbean pink and a glittery nail polish in the shade Jewel Tone..

I have mixed feelings regarding the brand because one shade sucked and I am in total awe for the other one...

I was in no mood for regular creme nail polishes and that was when my UT box arrived.. I thought of applying the Caribbean pink that looked like a beautiful pink with gold sheen. So, I prepped my nails and started applying this one.. One coat - it was tooo sheer, went for the second, third and fourth coats. Still, it was sheer and I could see the white part of my nail... I was sooo pissed at this considering the cost of the nail paint..

I was too lazy to take it off and start over again but didn't wanna go with awful nails.. So used the other shade that I had got with one. And I was finally kinda happy with my Diwali Manicure - it went on perfectly with my beige and purple salwar :)

Cost: 225 INR on

Here are the pics:

Caribbean Pink

Jewel Tone

Jewel Tone is nothing a transparent nail polish with purple and blue glitters...

I don't have pics of Caribbean pink because I was pissed with that shade on my nails.. Have a look of my my manicure with Jewel Tone as top coat..

Do you even see a faint shade of the base color??

I applied one coat of jewel tone as the top coat, but was not 100% happy as the glitters were sparse and I wanted a crowded glittery look.. 

So went on with another coat and this is how it finally looked...

And finally, a comparison between one coat and two coats :)

Well, I was happy with the final result, but I am not sure if I'll be getting LA Colors nail paints again - May I was once again a victim of choosing a wrong shade by Online Shopping :P

May a couple of them in the future if I spot them at any store :)

Hope you liked my post, do let me know your comments and feedback.. I have my ears open !

Will meet you soon in my next post..

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bellisma Jewellery And Accessories - A Review !

Hello Readers,

The title says it all !

I know most of you might have an idea about where I am coming from.. Today's post is a brief review of a Facebook store Bellisma Jewellery and Accessories - by Ketakee Indap..

Online shopping has made us LAZY ! If not most of us, I would like to proudly admit that I buy most of my stuff online.. I was introduced to Ketakee's page through Facebook and I immediately fell in love with most of her products.. And her prices, they are the "silver lining"..

I had purchased a lot of products like chains, necklaces bracelet, charms, earrings and rings..

Here are a few images taken from her page :)

The chains, charms and hand made earrings !


Some necklaces:

I purchased a lot of bangles from her, but didn't click pics - distributed it to my cousins :)

And this one I saved for myself !

I got a few earrings for my niece as well.. Must say - She loved the butterflies !

 I had purchased a lot of rings from her.. And this is my flaunting time.

The nail polish worn in these pics are Beyu - shade Sugar Plum (Dark Pink) and Angel Rose Pearl (pearl pink)..

I had bought a totally 5 rings initially out of which one had broken due to some unknown reason..

Here are the rings I bought from her..

 These rings have a big crystal that never misses catching anybody's attention..

My first set of rings:

But this blue one turned out to be broken..

When I informed this to her, she replaced the ring immediately. Additionally she offered another ring of same cost totally Free!!

The two black rings, are the ones I got "Free Free Free" !!

  The rings were beautifully sent in plastic boxes that turned out into jewellery storage boxes...

Let's go to the actual review part of the post..

Here are a few points on why should you be shopping with her :

:) Very good service, you can contact Ketakee anytime through Facebook and she is literally available 24/7.. You can ping her anytime :)

:) Very good collection at affordable prices.

:) Attractive discounts

:) Signature Packing and on time delivery.

Why shouldn't you shop from Bellisma Jewellery and Accessories:

:( Haha.. There are no reasons for not shopping with her

I truly recommend Bellisma Jewellery and Accessories to all my readers..

Most of you must be knowing but you can access her page at Bellisma Jewellery and Accessories..

If I will have to rate , it will obviously be 5/5.

Will catch you all in my next post.. Take care till then.

Adios Amigos,


P.S : This is not a sponsored post nor was I asked to write this.. Its my 100% honest review.