Thursday, 15 November 2012

LA Colors - Caribbean Pink & Jewel Tone

Hello Readers,

I have been seeing LA Colors nail polishes on UT for quite some time and finally my wait came to an end when I order two nail polishes from them - being a pink lover I took Caribbean pink and a glittery nail polish in the shade Jewel Tone..

I have mixed feelings regarding the brand because one shade sucked and I am in total awe for the other one...

I was in no mood for regular creme nail polishes and that was when my UT box arrived.. I thought of applying the Caribbean pink that looked like a beautiful pink with gold sheen. So, I prepped my nails and started applying this one.. One coat - it was tooo sheer, went for the second, third and fourth coats. Still, it was sheer and I could see the white part of my nail... I was sooo pissed at this considering the cost of the nail paint..

I was too lazy to take it off and start over again but didn't wanna go with awful nails.. So used the other shade that I had got with one. And I was finally kinda happy with my Diwali Manicure - it went on perfectly with my beige and purple salwar :)

Cost: 225 INR on

Here are the pics:

Caribbean Pink

Jewel Tone

Jewel Tone is nothing a transparent nail polish with purple and blue glitters...

I don't have pics of Caribbean pink because I was pissed with that shade on my nails.. Have a look of my my manicure with Jewel Tone as top coat..

Do you even see a faint shade of the base color??

I applied one coat of jewel tone as the top coat, but was not 100% happy as the glitters were sparse and I wanted a crowded glittery look.. 

So went on with another coat and this is how it finally looked...

And finally, a comparison between one coat and two coats :)

Well, I was happy with the final result, but I am not sure if I'll be getting LA Colors nail paints again - May I was once again a victim of choosing a wrong shade by Online Shopping :P

May a couple of them in the future if I spot them at any store :)

Hope you liked my post, do let me know your comments and feedback.. I have my ears open !

Will meet you soon in my next post..

Adios Amigos




  1. It looks pretty Amrina :) and we all have been atleast once been online shopping victim.:)

  2. Hi Amrina...Great blog! And I agree with you Niesha, we have all been an online shopping victim some or the other time!

    1. Hey Richa!! Thanks for stopping by.. I am glad u liked my blog

  3. This is very cute!

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  5. Hi I'm your new follower,love your blog! :) I actually like the colour! :)


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