Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lakme Fast n Fabulous - Wicked Pink

I have been babbling and raving for fast dry nail polishes for quite sometime now and I am shopping them like crazy.. I just cannot wait for 20-30 minutes till my nail polish is completely dry.. huh!! Crazy , Ain't I??

Lakme fast and fabulous range contributes the majority to my fast dry nail polish collection.. Believe me, Lakme has really improved their formula and is the on par with leading brands like Colorbar, Maybelline and even Revlon speed dry for that matter.. Even their true color and color crush range have many color choices from neons to pink unlike their old range that had only reds, maroons and browns.

The shade under review today is named "Wicked Pink" - believe me it's pretty and sweet, not wicked at all.. lolz.

It's a warm pink shade with tons of glitter in it.. I always hated glitter nail paints for the time they took to dry and never had many in my collection.. I quenched my thirst for glitter nail paints with Lakme quick dry ones.. 90% of my fast and fabulous nail polishes have glitters in them.. lol..

Picture time.. Have a look at Wicked Pink and let me know if it's really wicked??

I really like their unique bottle shape though it takes up a lot of the space in my storage area .

And here's the "not-so wicked" Wicked Pink.

This is how this looks on me :)

And one more, a  very similar shot :P

There's one more... By now most you must be knowing that I was at Kashmir vacationing.. I was getting bored and clicked this blurring most beautiful natural scene that I'd ever seen. And this is how it looked on the fifth day of the manicure..

And finally, my mom's gift for my 25th birthday.. A diamond ring - Diamonds are girl's best friends indeed!!!

And here's me flaunting it :P

Here we come to the end of this lengthy post.. The pros and cons are the same as others from this range.. You can read them here.

Will be soon with another post soon..

Take care till then gals..

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Nyx Flakie Nail Polish in Super Funk (NGP 169)

Heylo Ladies,

I am back with the continuation of Jordana Nail Polish - 942 Strawberry Marmalade where I had mentioned about using a flakie glittery nail polish as a top coat.. So, welcome aboard & fasten your seat belts :P  (result of catching 6 flights in 11 days)

The nail polish under review today is from NYX - shade Super Funk, NGP 169.

Doesn't this look like a grape jelly????

I tried to capture the shade name, but couldn't have my camera capture it.. I missed it initially until I saw some blogs mentioning the name of NYX nail paints

And this is how it looked on me..

Aren't the flakes pretty???

I tried clicking pics when the paint was still wet and messed up my pinkie.. Had to redo it..

And this is how the mani looked.. It didn't calm down the flashy pink but manicure stayed intact for 3 days - no chipping whatsoever !

I had bought this from Erica's store  for 200 INR..

How I received the parcel?? It was a biiig tragedy.. I received the courier the night before I left for my tour.. I had informed her that I would need the courier before I leave.. But when I didn't,  I tortured Erica who in turn ripped off the courier guy's happiness so much that I received the courier at 9:45 PM... Unbelievable, isn't it??

Seems like a comedy when you look back but was real headache when all this happened.. Thanks Rick, for the apt response :)

I am not very sure about the pros and cons - this is the first flakie nail polish that I ever applied (first NYX as well)..

Overall, I loved the nail polish and will be buying many more in future :)

See you all in my next post...

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jordana Nail Polish - 942 Strawberry Marmalade

Hello Girls,

I am back after long long eleven day vacation and I must say the trip was awesome. I had travelled to Agra, Kashmir, Jammu, Delhi and Mumbai.. I had plans for tons of shopping especially in Mumbai and Delhi but turned out to be a flop show :(

Today I would be reviewing my first ever Jordana nail polish which I had bought from Erica who has started her new venture with selling makeup products that aren't easily available in all parts of India.. Talking about it, Chennai is one place where you get very less makeup brand options :(

The shade under review today is Strawberry Marmalade, shade no:942. I had got it for 200 odd INR ( I think). I had purchased nail lengthener, garlic base coat and an orange shade that had broken into pieces during the transit. When I had informed this to her she instantly promised to replace it with my next order :)

 Strawberry marmalade is a hot bright pink color... I usually don't wear such flashy colors though.. This one looks really bright on my nails.. I will let you see it for yourself.

One of the greatest feature of this nail polish is that,  it's free of the the big 3's...

This stays on for 3-4 days without chipping, with top coat on.. I had applied a glittery topcoat.. I am not sure if it was the glitter that was holding the nail polish from chipping... Will review the glittery flakie and chunky top coat that I used real soon..

You can check out Erica's page @ Beautyholic - The Beauty Store.. She has a lot of brand options from VOV to Miss Claire , Meylon, Ben Nye etc.

Will be back with the continuation of the same nail enamel tomorrow ( the chunky top coat that I had used)

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Colorbar Quick Finish Nail Enamel - Mad over Mauve

Hello Girls,

I think I am going crazy over quick dry nail polishes..  It's been more than 2 months ( I think) that I had bought a normal nail paint.. Maybe this shows the heights of my laziness..I can't wait till my nail polish dries.. Huh!

I have quick dry nail polishes from Streetwear, Avon, Maybelline, Lakme etc., but when I'd seen this one at Health & Glow outlet, I couldn't stop from buying it.. Colorbar is really making good nail polishes and increasing their prices too.. lol

What does Colorbar say about Quick Finish Nail Lacquer?

The Quick Finish Nail Lacquer, with a simple one stroke application gives your nails a glossy salon perfect look in 60 seconds. It is chip resistant and does not yellow your nails. Use it with a base and top coat for a perfect luster. Available in 10 gleaming shades in a 9ml bottle; just the perfect thing for your nails to look manicured at all times.

The shades available are:

  1.  Toast to Pink
  2. Twisted Peach
  3. Bubbly
  4. Fearless Red
  5. Beautiful Pink
  6. Plumtastic
  7. Cappuccino Cup
  8. Mad over Mauve
  9. Rust Lust
  10. Theme for a Dream..
This nail polish costs 195 INR

The shade under review is "Mad over Mauve"

This comes in a 9ml bottle. Looks real cute because of the bottle shape and size.

This comes with a metal cap with short applicator and flat brush :(

Let's see some swatches"

It's a beautiful mauvish purple color.. This will compliment all skin tones - I am 100% certain :)

This is how this looks in natural light.

And this is how this looks under flash..

Nevertheless, the shade looks pretty under natural and artificial light, isn't ??

Let's look at the yayy's and the nayy's

<3 Nice shade
<3 Dries real fast
<3 Good shade range
<3 Intense color
<3 Stayed for 3 days without chipping ( Without topcoat)

:( I hate the brush, wish they had a flat brush
:( Streaks
:( Some may find it expensive ( I kinda do)

Overall, this is a good product, wish they had good brushes.. Good job colorbar!!

I'll rate it 3.5/5, deducting points for the cons..

I'll be off vacationing tomorrow.. You may not see posts for the next 15 days.. But I will try to check my blog occasionally.. Please comment and let me know your feedback ..

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Monarch Butterfly Nail Art

Hello Everyone...

I am back with another nail art post.. This time a step-by-step art (almost - read on, you'll know why). A little messy as this is the first time I got my hands on nail art tools and brushes..

Today's nail art is inspired from Monarch butterfly..

Monarch butterflies are usually orange in color. But I've used pink for the nail art.. Who can stop a girl's imagination ?? Oh yeah, can anyone stop a girl from loving pink??

Let's move on to the tutorial..

Step 1: 

First paint your nails using a pink shade ( you can use any color for that matter).

Step 2: 

Paint your tips with a black shade like french tips but at an angle. I think the picture should explain.

Step 3:
Draw a curved line at the lower end of the nail as shown in the pic.

Step 4:

Draw straight lines and form a 'U' near the tip to make the wing pattern. Check the image for reference :P

Step 5:

Apply polka dots white nail polish at the tips. Voila, you're done...

And this is how it looks finally...

One more pic:

Note: I didn't apply a top coat/ clean my cuticles when I took the pics...

I know it really really messy.. But practice makes man perfect, right???

Check this video for more detailed instructions..

Meet you all in my next post..

Do let me know if you liked this nail art, suggestions welcome as always..



Sunday, 10 June 2012

Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel - Crystal Calm

Hello Girls,

I am sorry that I have been missing for entire one week.. By now, most of you would be knowing that I work for night shifts. But for the entire month of June I will have to work during the day, which has its own disadvantages.. Making your system accept this change is a biiiiiiiiig task.

I think I wouldn't be posting much this month, I would be vacationing for almost 15 days starting 14th of June... And guess what - I haven't started 1% of packing work. Yes, I am lazy!!  I would be travelling to Agra, Delhi, Srinagar - Kashmir and Mumbai :) I need your suggestions on must visit places (shopping of course )

And I have one other news to share with you all.. I won Wise She's NYX blush give away ! Yaayyyy :) And here is the link

Today I would be swatching / reviewing Avon Speedy Dry Nail Polish in shade Crystal Calm.. I have always liked Speedy dry range of Avon Nail Polishes, they are F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C, but I am not much impressed with their Nailwear Pro range ( Good shades but takes forever to dry) and Simply Pretty (have no idea why I don't like them).

Let's get over to the review :)

Image taken at office in my Manager's cabin :)

The shade is beautiful brown with a little bronze hues ( I think). I am sure this will suit all skin tones...

This is how this looks on me.

With flash

One other swatch

Without flash
The ridge you see on my ring finger is as a result of my cuticle trimming exercise, I trimmed the nail !

Let's talk about the Yayy's and Nayy's

<3 Beautiful shade that will suit all skintones.
<3 Flat brush ( this is always a pro, isn't it?)
<3 Intense color - 2 coats and you're done.
<3 Good range of colors.
<3 Dries real fast.

:(  CHIPS, CHIPS and CHIPS.. Didn't last a day without Topcoat !
:( Available only through Avon reps.

If you're a Chennai'te or even from T.N and you're looking for an Avon rep, do get in touch with me on - My friend's sister is an Avon rep and she is the most organized MLM rep I have ever seen.

Will be back with another review soon, you can expect one post a day for this week atleast :)

Take care till then..



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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Red Alert - Chennai Vegans Beware !

Hello All,

I really hate doing this post today, this has nothing to do with makeup or nail polish and most importantly a HATE POST -  but I am furious about a well established chain of restaurants in Tamil Nadu.. It's called as Dindigul Thalapakatti whose major specialization is Biryani.

Being in night shifts most of the year and getting bored of routine office food, we tend to order food from the outside world. We usually go in for options around work place and this time a new restaurant had started. A reputed one which never disappointed us (or me specifically )

This time, it was around 10:00 PM, we had order food for close to 9 ppl for a bill value of 4750 INR.

We received the food by around 11:30 PM and found some of the orders were missing and we were billed. We called them to check on it for which the response was that the store was closed and call them the next day.

We continued to eat what we had and shared food with those whose orders were misplaced, then one of my colleagues freaked out she found Chicken bones and pieces in her Vegetable Biryaani.. Then we found that the chicken biryaani was made Veg biryaani by taking out chicken pieces and adding veggies.. I was furious because I had co-ordinated this order. No vegetarian could eat this food - It's a question of values!

Adding fuel to fire, we received "Spoilt" Paneer Tikka

I called back the next day - none answered. I finally caught hold of someone who I could hold responsible for this. General Manager - Operations,  his name was Raja. He was too polite and was apologozing and asked me to call him tomorrow so that he can check with his store. He was diligent enough to do so.

I got a call from his Manager who promised to replace the food that was spoiled/missed with Ice creams and also offered ice creams as compliments as refund was not possible because that would be detected from his salary. This was at 7:00 PM and we waited till 10:00 PM - no response. I called back to check on that. Then the whole story suddenly changed.

They denied to give what they promised. Then they said that only one of the items was not sent and they will check and call me back. Then I receive a call stating everything was sent and there are no faults from their end.. I was like, What ?*??  I couldn't accept it considering the time and effort I spent in organizing this. I called back this Raja guy - who says I'M BUSY NOW,  I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU NOW, CALL ME LATER OR COME DIRECTLY TO THE STORE ON MONDAY and he hangs up.

I had one other male who was as furious as me to call this Raja guy  and he got to abusing my colleague. Is this expected at customer service level? That too from a General Manager of a reputed chain of restaurants?

More than this treatment, what bothers me more is finding chicken pieces in Veg food.. People remain to stay vegetarians because of their values and not that they can take out the non-vegetarian part and eat the vegan food. Do you even consider this as a human act?

These are the store details:

Name of the restaurant: Dindigul Thalapakatti Restaurant
Branch: Ramapuram - Chennai (Near MIOT)
Branch Number: 8056013300

I have had problems only with this branch - though have received good service from other branches as well.. But, after seeing and going through this - I doubt Vegetarian food that I had there. And God knows if their 100% halal claims and what not, is true !

I am not someone who does these kind of posts, because I consider my blogging world to be fun and not a place to spread hatred.. But this "cheap act"  got onto my nerves and I don't want my blogger friends to ever go through this.

Hope I see you all in a cheerful posts soon..