Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lakme Fast n Fabulous - Wicked Pink

I have been babbling and raving for fast dry nail polishes for quite sometime now and I am shopping them like crazy.. I just cannot wait for 20-30 minutes till my nail polish is completely dry.. huh!! Crazy , Ain't I??

Lakme fast and fabulous range contributes the majority to my fast dry nail polish collection.. Believe me, Lakme has really improved their formula and is the on par with leading brands like Colorbar, Maybelline and even Revlon speed dry for that matter.. Even their true color and color crush range have many color choices from neons to pink unlike their old range that had only reds, maroons and browns.

The shade under review today is named "Wicked Pink" - believe me it's pretty and sweet, not wicked at all.. lolz.

It's a warm pink shade with tons of glitter in it.. I always hated glitter nail paints for the time they took to dry and never had many in my collection.. I quenched my thirst for glitter nail paints with Lakme quick dry ones.. 90% of my fast and fabulous nail polishes have glitters in them.. lol..

Picture time.. Have a look at Wicked Pink and let me know if it's really wicked??

I really like their unique bottle shape though it takes up a lot of the space in my storage area .

And here's the "not-so wicked" Wicked Pink.

This is how this looks on me :)

And one more, a  very similar shot :P

There's one more... By now most you must be knowing that I was at Kashmir vacationing.. I was getting bored and clicked this blurring most beautiful natural scene that I'd ever seen. And this is how it looked on the fifth day of the manicure..

And finally, my mom's gift for my 25th birthday.. A diamond ring - Diamonds are girl's best friends indeed!!!

And here's me flaunting it :P

Here we come to the end of this lengthy post.. The pros and cons are the same as others from this range.. You can read them here.

Will be soon with another post soon..

Take care till then gals..

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  1. i love the shade collection in this range but it doea streak a bit :(..pretty lovin ur diamond ring <3

    1. I agree.. It does streak.. Thank you Lee :)

  2. nice color.. I have something similar dear ..:)

  3. pretty shade and a unique bottle

  4. Such a pretty and feminine shade!
    Suits your complexion as well! :)
    Following you!
    Do check out my blog, and follow if you like it! :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by, will check yours for sure!

  5. wowww...amyyy yo rock the shade ya..jus suits yo so well.. :)

  6. Nice shade, kinda typew which one can buy over again :)

  7. Heya.. awesome post !
    Hope to hear from you soon..
    xoxo :)


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