Saturday, 30 April 2016

A sneak peak to my tea station and Cafè Brasilerio

To begin with, I love Tea... I love tea in any form, and I love the idea of exploring different teas from all over the world..

My love with chai started as a child, where I would secretly throw away milk and drink tea, from the kitchen.. Of course, my mom didn't know it.. And as I grew up, I would make tea, before mom came back from office. When it tasted good, and I gathered fan following - I started make tea often. I still remember, when my relatives would come home and ask me to make tea!! What else could motivate a 12 year old more??

Fast forwarding to the present, when the green tea was slowly seeping through Indian market, I managed to get my hands on lemon, lime, orange, jasmine, hibiscus, earlgrey, peppermint tea, nigella seeds, carrom seeds and what not.. I wanted to broadcast my love for tea, and wanted to have my own tea station at home.. Coming from an Indian conservative family, the thought of a tea station would crack up many.. So, I set up a small tea station in my office desk.. People would come, stop by asking "Amrin, can I borrow your orange tea??", "Ooooh, what is Roobis tea??"  I would still get comments like, "Stop wasting money?", "Are you crazy, why are you hoarding" and blah blah.

When I was moving things around and organizing my house, we had a IKEA cabinet that we decided to throw, but I decided to move it to the dining area, to display my mom's precious chinaware. And I stole one compartment and converted it to my tea station.


A closer image of the teas I am drinking at the moment, earlgrey, jasmin, yoolong, chamomile...  and ooh.. There is the hero!!!

I am super excited to have a tea station, like my own space - a space filled with my colorful teas.

Well there is something else here along with my tea, my Brazilian coffee - Cafe Pele!!!

Working with people from different parts of the world, and traveling to different parts of the world, indeed turned out to be a boon.. I always always always, trade Indian Spices to Irish, Chinese, Japanese, even Filipino tea.. However, I have a BFF from Brazil, who wanted me to get Filipino dried mangoes.. And I asked for Coffee this time - I was thinking why??!! I could have asked for chocolates, but decided to ask coffee??!!

My friend Dani, got me a 1 kg pack of coffee - I had no clue what to do with it!! I unpacked my coffee maker from its packaging and made my first coffee - of course black!!! And fell in love with it.. The aroma, the flavor.. Nothing like anything I tasted before..

I take very less quantity of the coffee to keep the freshness intact..

Talking about gifts, I got a Chinese Yoolong tea from a darling friend. 

I took one sachet and steeped into hot water, and loved it.. Nothing like I had before..  The packaging is super cute that I don't want to drink the tea, but just keep staring at it every day!!!!

Talking about tea, my Filipino Matcha tea with coffee jelly.. Its vibrant green milkshake, with typical green tea flavor!!

I will soon share a perfect cup of my chais, when my Brasilian Cafe obsession is over!!

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Monday, 25 April 2016

A Comeback - Colors of Jaipur!!

Yes, I changed my blog name!! I cannot believe it either, I cannot believe that Nail Polishes don't interest me anymore!! SHOCKING? Not anymore actually?  A few years ago, my life revolved around which dress to wear my nail color.. I did a fairly GREAT job to amuse people on how much time I had to change my nail color everyday!! Poooof, someone maybe cast a spell on me :P :D

Well, I don't have paint my nails anymore.. MOST of my nail polishes are either thrown away or distributed to my friends with love..  But this basically means, I have grown as a business woman who explores the world and when I crave on having something on my nails, I get them done..

So, to stop my ramblings - I have transformed my blog to a lifestyle blog, that not only talks about nail polishes, but other things that add color to my life.. My life is now a rainbow - with a broad spectrum..

As a part of my work, I get to travel the world!! Isn't it cool?? Well, it's a mix of both.

I was in Jaipur last week, well for the gazillionth time, but this time - IT WAS DIFFERENT!!!  I was a local, wandering the streets, bargaining with local hawkers, eating street food - Isn't this the life, we all miss??

I stayed at the Jaipur Marriott, nothing new.. Same old property, good ambience, nice coffee shop, food available all the time, and what else do you need when you just need a bed to snooze..  I visited the famous street, every Jaipuri would be proud to call it their own.. Tadaaaa.. The Baapu Bazaar!!! Baapuji, though we have our differences, I love this place to pieces ;)

The first day, I reached there around 8:30 - owing to crazy Jaipur summer, hot winds and crazier traffic... Most of the shops were closed, but a glimpse of what I found..

I wish I was in college once again, but who said a working woman cannot carry a jhola??  Well, that would be ME :(

Busy Streets!!!

Neembu Mirchi (Lemon and Chilli)!! Well, that's what we need to shoo away the Evil Eye?? Isn't it ;)

Beautiful door hangings - would change any house to a ethnic palace :D

Well, Is it even fair to visit such a place without shopping for jewelry?? My bangles with a Bling :)

Day 2, was super fun.. I met some old lost friends - and wandered around the local street of Jaipur. From eating Kota Kachori, Gopal Singh ki Pataasi, Natraj's Rajasthani Thali, Eating Ice Pan, Getting Mehndi done on roadside and what not!!!

Paani Puri a.k.a Gol Gappa a.k.a Puchka a.k.a Pataasi - Every Girl from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari LOVES IT!!!

Gopal Singh Pataasi Bhandaar

Matke Malaai Kulfi..

And my Mehndi!!!

So, when you have visited all the mahals of Jaipur (hawa, jal, and what not) and you have time to explore, here are my recommendations for you :

  • Hing Kachori from Kota Kachori
  • Pataasi from anywhere , ask for suji puri
  • Annu Mobile Paan Bhandaar - Trivia: they supplied paan for Shahid Kapoor's wedding.
  • Mehndi on Baapu Bazaar.
  • Baapu Bazaar and Chaura Raasta
  • Nahargarh
  • DON'T forget the razaais and chaadar, and Bargain, Bargain and Bargain!!! As much as you can!!!!
  • Kundan jewelry - I mean any kind of jewelry.
I will come back with more ramblings, more on travel, lifestyle, cooking, DIY and just me talking.. Do let me know your comments..

P.S: I know Jaipur now as much as a local, and I know a bunch of crazy locals. I can answer almost anything you ask!

Cheers, Wasalam,