Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Guest Post - Wet N Wild Fastdry 237C Gray’s Anatomy

Guest Post by Nina (Hiikkis)

I was wearing originally Essie nailpolish (Bangle Jangle) pretty (light mauve color) but I got bored after 2 days,  it is crème shade with no glitter. And I found new WnW polish on shopping trip :) So I layered it on top of Essie. So there is shimmers, various shades, It looks in sunglight violet color, darker place it is green and some lights pulls out gold tones and silver colors. . It is very interesting combo.

The pinky finger is having O.P.I.'s Metallic for life (from Nicky Minaj collection). It has true GLITTERS, that was 2 coats of it. 

I put 2 coats of WnW and it is still not quite full cover. And it is streaky as you can see in closer photo.

With closer look up you can see that this color has problems... it is streaky and in my opinion it doesn't claim fast dry consept, 2 coats took almost 45 mins to dry enough. I mean that took cellphone and asnwered and got marks from hairs in to other hand.

And I'm sorry that my camera cannot pick all of shades in this polish, tricked it to show greens in here, it is blurry becouse camera don't wanna take pictures that dark.


      It is intresting shade!

      It takes in my opinion too long to dry
      It has strong cent
      It is streaky

Would I buy it again? Yes it is so me :D You can cheer up with thin layer of this almost any nailpolish.

About the Author - Nina (Hiikkis) :

Nina is a mom of 3 wonderful kids who works from home writing for websites including makeup. She hails from Finland , a vivid nail polish lover who loves glittery and shimmery nails!!!

About Nina in her own words:

I'm obsessed with nailpolishes, I don't like creme polishes, I want my nails shimmer and glimmer and usually I like my polish to been seen long! This pictures i have short nails, I had an accident with cardoor (must put that in memo, never take seatbelts until door is fully closed) 

I do some selfemployed jobs writing/updating websites and some times makeups (-LOL

Well, Nina I must say you have super pretty nails and none can comment or complaint that they short for them being well maintained.. And I am personally loving the shade.. Nice to have known you through blogger.. Looking for many more posts from you :)



Friday, 20 July 2012

Multani Mitti Soap - DIY

Hello Girls,

It's been really a while that I have done any gyaan post/ DIY article.. I am sure all of us love pampering a skin.. I do, at the same time I am super lazy to follow a routine :P. And every girl would love DIYs.. It saves a lot of money, elevates your creativity, makes you feel like a genius, I feel like Einstein if I accomplish something successfully. lol!  I am a DIY lover and try many such one and I end up wasting products as well. I don't like this part but there are always two sides of a coin !

This post is about making your own Multani Mitti soap at home.. Multani Mitti is called "Fuller's earth" in English.. It is not new to us and we would have used it at-least once in our lifetime.. For those who still don't have any clue about it, read this wiki article :)

This is not the first time I am making a soap at home, I usually make exfoliating scrub soaps (read on for recipe). I had seen Patanjali's Ojas Multani Mitti soap in one of the blogger's haul and this idea stuck my brains.. I think I should stop blabbing and let you know the recipe :)

Things Required:
  1. Any glycerin soap ( I have used Aloe-Veda Cucumber Avocado soap, you can use pears as well).
  2. Multani Mitti - 1 tbsp
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Bowls to double boil 
  5. A setting bowl (Katori :P)


  • Melt soap in a double boiler till it melts completely. You can also melt soap in a microwave but I have been bashed by mom a million times when the soap melts and spills and the fragrance doesn't go away!

  •  Mix Olive oil to the molten soap till it becomes a homogenous mixture.

  • Add multani mitti to the mixture and mix it well. Ensure no lumps are formed. I didn't click pictures for this step as you have to be as quick as possible and transfer the contents to the setting bowl. Else you may end up in a not-so-set soap.
  •  Grease your setting bowl with olive oil and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.. You can set it in room temperature as well- but takes a little longer to set.

  •  De-mould the soap and you're done.. A fresh home made soap is all yours :)

I had cut the sides for it to be more presentable here but you can get away with coarse corners as well.. Anyways, who cares - it's your own product !

Scrub Soap::

The process of making a scrub soap is just the same  replace Multani Mitti with natural exfoliating agents like Oats, Sugar, Sea Salt etc., You can replace olive oil with any oil of your choice - i like almond and olive oil in my soap as I am not a very big fan of coconut oil. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and make this a luxury soap !

I once made a foot scrub soap i which I had to melt soap and cut some natural loofah and mould it..It makes a super duper everyday foot scrub..

It's time to bid adieu..  Hope you enjoyed reading the article just like I did writing it. Thank you for stopping by , do let me know if you found it interesting.. The comments section is just below..

Will see you all in a different post soon. Take Care..



Thursday, 19 July 2012

My first successful Konad Stamping

Hello All,

I love nail art as much as I love nail polishes.. I see a lot of bloggers stamping their nails beautifully that I wanted to try my hands on stamping.. I ordered Konad starter kit from Urbantouch.com and was very happy to get my nails stamped..

Well, I bought my kit in May and I am posting my first successful attempt now ! I failed miserably every time.. I tried and tried and tried.. With all possible nail polishes, from special ones to one-store ones to old ones.. All attempts didn't yield any successful result.. Even if I had managed to stamp one nail, I would fail on all others.. I packed my stamps and the paints and never used..

I saw a girl in bus who had stamped her nails, I think with a normal nail paint.. I thought of giving a try again.. I tried first to see if my stamp can even pick the nail polish, to my surprise it did !! I tried a multiple times and it was all good..

And I successfully managed to stamp all my nails.. Yayyy!!!

I used Lakme color crush in shade 03 for the base color, Konad special nail polish in blue and stamping plate M-77.

This is how my nails looked after being stamped :

A closer look:

And one more:

Sorry for a little blurred images, well I am hoping to post a lot of stamping art soon.. Will keep you guys posted..

See you all in my next post..




Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NYX Girls Nail Polish - NGP 162 "Frizzy Spots"

Heylo Gaaarls,

Today I would be swatching a NYX Girls nail polish that I had bought from Erica of Beautyholic - The Beauty Store..

 The shade under review today is NGP 162 - Frizzy Spots.. It's a black flakie nail polish with Silver glitter chunks, similar to Revlon's galaxy that I have been searching for a long time now...

I tried a lot to capture the name, but failed miserably because of the color of nail paint matching exactly with the color of the print :(

Well, this is how this looks on me..

I wore this on top of the Lakme Wicked Pink, check the shade here

The chunky glitters reflect multiple colors when light falls on them which makes it a perfect party wear.

And one more:

And finally, this was captured at low light in a auto-rickshaw :)

I am not sure about the actual price of this product.. I did spot a few on UT for 120 INR and a few on other online shopping sites for 250 INR.. I am still confused.. But I really don't mind spending 200 INR for this one.

I am sure this will compliment all skin tones.. And would look lovely if topped on darker nail polish shades..

Hope you liked the swatches...

Will catch you all in my next post, a nail art one..

Bye till then..



Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LA Girl - Sapphire NL 385 Review

Hello Girls,

Good news for Chennai'ites!!! May be most of you know by now and I am the late Kate to know about it.. Better late than never.. Girls, we have access to many nail polish brands like LA Girl, Sally Hansen, Orly etc.
So, international brands are not easily available at stores here, say for instance the most famous NYX , Jordana is not available here in Chennai..

The store that I am talking about is " The Glo-shop" which is located at the basement in Express Avenue... I go to EA all the time and I have no idea how I missed it.. I had informed the store lady that I am a blogger and she was kind enough to let me take the pics, but I am posting this after 1 month of my visit there..

I had bought two nail paints from LA Girl, One is metallic blue which I will be reviewing today and the other one is a purple matte.. Swatches coming soon - May be in a week ;)

Before we proceed to the review, here are a few pics of their collection

They have a wide collection, don't they ??  If you are a Chennai'te and by any chance you didn't stop by this store, do check out !!  They have other cosmetics as well but nail paints impressed me - like always..

So, here's the actual part of this post !!

The shade under review today is  NL-385 Sapphire !

It's a metallic blue color that impressed me at the very first sight so much that I was going to buy it ! Don't know why..

Here are a few swatches :

Isn't it pretty?? And yeah, I don't buy only pinks and purples.. You can expect to see a wide color range on my blog soon.. lol !

I have no clue about the pros and cons as I just swatched them ! Couldn't resist posting .. lol !

See you all in my next post..



Monday, 16 July 2012

Flormar Super Matte Nail Polish - Shade M107

Hello All,

It's been quite a while that I could strike a balance between my blog, family and work.. I still remember blogging every single day with a new shade swatch and I must say I loved it.. I used to check mine and other fellow blogs every day, don't know how many times, to see new comments and followers on mine and new posts on other blogs.. Hope I get back to that phase again and I think that might be quite possible now as I am back to Night shifts again.. I am sure there are a very few like me who like night shifts, do you??

I will be swatching Flormar nail polish again.. A foreign brand that offers very good quality nail paints  and more than that, its super affordable.. Who would like to miss it, I travel several kilometers to get them and I am famous among the SA's.. One lady asked me if I am collecting only Flormars or if I am reselling them... lol... Poor ones never succeed to persuade me to buy their products, why would I travel miles to get something that is so easily available.. Flormar is like a treasure and I never return from a New U store without a free compliment :P

Well, I would be swatching a red nail paint, first red nail polish swatch in the history of Addicted to Nail Paints ! **drumrolls**. I am of little dusky (now dark - Thank you Delhi for tanning me!) complexion.. I always feared wearing red thinking it would speak out-loud than me.. I have heard my colleagues talking about red-paints, eg:- "Those" type of girls wear flashy bright reds.. I hope you all understand what's "those" in this context.  I can never hear something like this at my workplace.. I had seen this nail paint before but never picked this up.. The SA kept repeating that this would look good on me, but the fear invested in me had its roots deep and  always made me a hesitant.. My friend insisted me on buying this and I wore it the very same day...

Yeah ! I know I have spoken a lot.. I will let the pictures speak now!!

So, this is the shade.. They have called it Super-Matte, but it is creamy and glossy.. Same like the purple one that I had reviewed before, check here

Flormar nail paints don't have names but just numbers.. They are numbered based on their types.. Normal ones just have numbers, glittery ones have the prefix "U" to their numbers and their so-called Mattes have the prefix "M"..

This one is baptized  M-107

And this is how this looks on me...

Another one

And one more..

Aren't they super glossy?? Would you believe if I say this is the actual finish of this nail polish and if I didn't apply a top coat?? Now you'll have to agree with me, Flormar nail polishes are a must have !! Any doubts?? lol.

They are super cheap - they cost me 85 INR which is close to 1.5 USD..

I will not talk much about the pros and cons as I have reviewed a lot of Flormars lately.. Check them out herehere and here.

This lasted 3 days without chipping and yeah, remember?? No top coat...

I also wanted to know if Flormars are available where you live, please do let me know in your comments..

Will see you tomorrow in my next post.. And yeah, I am looking for guest post writers.. Do let me know if you're interested..



Sunday, 15 July 2012

Say NO to Black Henna Tattoos - Personal Experience

Hello All,

I love applying henna not only on my hair but like applying it on my hands, feet, forearms, neck etc.. In my recent visit to Mumbai, I had purchased a lot of Mehndi cones, the ones used for your nails, black tattoo ones and usual ones..

I was so tempted to try the black henna as I have never used it in my life.. Once I was having a casual discussion with one my aunts about the effect on temporary tattoos and how many have had skin related issues and even cancer due to prolonged exposure.. This was almost years ago and I am stupid !

This thought never struck my head.. I applied a arabian Mehndi pattern on my palm and nothing happened.. Then I opened the next cone and made a typical tattoo on my leg and my forearm.. It was just nice and I was proud carrying a tattoo..

These ones stayed for 5 days or so and then vanished..  I had rashes in my leg and arm on Thursday, they were so itchy that I continued scratching them..  I had shrimps on Wednesday and I thought it was an allergic reaction.. I am not allergic to shrimps or any food for that matter.  It was worse the second day - I would have burning sensation followed by a bad itch.. I had scratched myself during sleep..  Then a friend of mine spotted a pattern.. I said its art if I scratch myself.. Brains !!  This area swelled and I had difficulties walking.  I showed it to my mom and she said "yeh to mehndi ki tarah hai, kahi pe bhi mehndi lagate raho, aise hi hoga" - which means "its because of the mehndi, look at how this looks.. Apply mehndi everywhere and this would happen" She likes natural mehndi and kept asking me if this had dye in it.. I said "saari duniya lagati hai, sirf tumhari beti ko kuch kyun hoga??" translated as " the whole world applies it, why will something happen only to your daughter ?? These words are haunting me now.. Mom knew it ?? Huh, doesn't this happen only in movies??

I visited my doc today and he had prescribed anti-allergens and corticosteroid.. The rashes are in the pattern of the design, even the strokes.. I read this after I came back from the doc.. I am dreaded reading about it...

Natural henna is not black in color , this color is added by a chemical named para-phenylenediamine, also known as PPD, and that can hurt you. PPD is a dye.. And these rashes come usually after 7 to 10 days of exposure.. Never had them on my palms though.. Maybe this package was contaminated/adulterated.. No idea why !

This is one site that I found while researching online.. http://www.eastonwest.co.uk/bhw.html.

And I found some pics on this site.. Here they are:

The tattoo
The rash
 This is how my leg looks like, its dreadful and scary. This is not a pic of my leg but taken from the same website I had mentioned .. I don't wanna post the scary pic of my leg on my blog.. I am really getting emotional, scared and worried here.. I hope its just skin deep and doesn't enter my blood stream and cause more damages.. My family doc asked me to wait for 2 days, but I am sure I am gonna visit my derma if nothing happens and discuss about this with him.. Docs, don't you hate patients to interfere in your work because they think they know everything because of Mr. Internet?? Well, Dr. House does ! lol.. 

I am really trying hard to be normal but I am scared !! That's the most horrible feeling one can ever have!

Bloggers who are also doctors, please suggest.. Because like I said,. at this moment I am super duper  scared..

Please hope and pray that I recover soon - I don't mind scars but nothing more than that.. I am not someone who cares about something that's just skin deep.. 

I am not sure if I will ever be applying Mehndi in my life again.. We all learn from mistakes but not something that's scary and something that will make me repent every day of my life..

I am hoping to cheer up before I say Cheers..


Note: The pics are taken from the website I had mentioned in my post.. Please do let me know if you would like me to take off the pics from here

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Streetwear Quick Dry - Cute Pink

Sorry for being MIA for a while.. I have been having a hectic work and personal schedule that I had completely forgotten about my blog for more than  2 weeks now... Things are falling in place again and I am really really hoping to do more of blogging soon :) And yeah, I would like to thank you girls for your emails and comments asking me to write again !

Like I've been mentioning about my new "addiction" to quick dry nail polishes, I will be reviewing/swatching a quick dry nail polish AGAIN !! - This time from Streetwear in the shade Cute Pink...

It has been a while since I got this nail paint and wore this on my birthday to compliment my "pink dress"..

Here is how the bottle looks :)

It's a pretty pearly pink color and will suit all skin tones.. All pink lovers would love this one for sure!

The cost of the bottle is 130 INR

And this is how this looks on my nails !

And yeah, sorry for the dry cuticles... I am not taking 1% care of my nails these days...

One more (In darker place - pic taken with mobile camera).. My hands look much darker here, but the color looks the same.

And one other , the background is my happy birthday wala dress !

Now lets talk about the sad part of this nail polish,, Its sheer and it took 5 coats to build up this color.. Good that it dries up soon, else I would have hated this one from every bit of my heart.. I cannot sit for 5 hours waiting my nail polish to dry..

Pros and Cons time!!!

<3 Quick dry and that's it!!


:( Very sheer color
:( Streaks
:( Short brush
:( Takes many coats to build up the color..

Well, hope you enjoyed reading through the post.. Will be back soon with another post..