Friday, 20 July 2012

Multani Mitti Soap - DIY

Hello Girls,

It's been really a while that I have done any gyaan post/ DIY article.. I am sure all of us love pampering a skin.. I do, at the same time I am super lazy to follow a routine :P. And every girl would love DIYs.. It saves a lot of money, elevates your creativity, makes you feel like a genius, I feel like Einstein if I accomplish something successfully. lol!  I am a DIY lover and try many such one and I end up wasting products as well. I don't like this part but there are always two sides of a coin !

This post is about making your own Multani Mitti soap at home.. Multani Mitti is called "Fuller's earth" in English.. It is not new to us and we would have used it at-least once in our lifetime.. For those who still don't have any clue about it, read this wiki article :)

This is not the first time I am making a soap at home, I usually make exfoliating scrub soaps (read on for recipe). I had seen Patanjali's Ojas Multani Mitti soap in one of the blogger's haul and this idea stuck my brains.. I think I should stop blabbing and let you know the recipe :)

Things Required:
  1. Any glycerin soap ( I have used Aloe-Veda Cucumber Avocado soap, you can use pears as well).
  2. Multani Mitti - 1 tbsp
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Bowls to double boil 
  5. A setting bowl (Katori :P)


  • Melt soap in a double boiler till it melts completely. You can also melt soap in a microwave but I have been bashed by mom a million times when the soap melts and spills and the fragrance doesn't go away!

  •  Mix Olive oil to the molten soap till it becomes a homogenous mixture.

  • Add multani mitti to the mixture and mix it well. Ensure no lumps are formed. I didn't click pictures for this step as you have to be as quick as possible and transfer the contents to the setting bowl. Else you may end up in a not-so-set soap.
  •  Grease your setting bowl with olive oil and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.. You can set it in room temperature as well- but takes a little longer to set.

  •  De-mould the soap and you're done.. A fresh home made soap is all yours :)

I had cut the sides for it to be more presentable here but you can get away with coarse corners as well.. Anyways, who cares - it's your own product !

Scrub Soap::

The process of making a scrub soap is just the same  replace Multani Mitti with natural exfoliating agents like Oats, Sugar, Sea Salt etc., You can replace olive oil with any oil of your choice - i like almond and olive oil in my soap as I am not a very big fan of coconut oil. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and make this a luxury soap !

I once made a foot scrub soap i which I had to melt soap and cut some natural loofah and mould it..It makes a super duper everyday foot scrub..

It's time to bid adieu..  Hope you enjoyed reading the article just like I did writing it. Thank you for stopping by , do let me know if you found it interesting.. The comments section is just below..

Will see you all in a different post soon. Take Care..




  1. awesomeeee.... i shall give it a try. thank you very much for the tutorial.

    1. You're very welcome.. I'm glad you liked it..

  2. Thankss really going to try this.

    1. Do try.. Waiting to see your version of it soon..

  3. I never thought making soaps at home could be this easy!

  4. omg amrin ...I am ur fan now...and a new follower....follow my blog...if like

    and this soap is a must try

  5. Haha. Thank you for stopping by smita

  6. wow!!! This is an awesome post. I am too lazy to do any DIYs but you made an soap :)I am amused :)

    1. DIYs really amuse me and I always end up doing them.. Some are studs and many are duds

  7. This is great....saw this kind of DIY for the first time :)

  8. Nice DIY ....will try it....:)

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  10. wow..must try.
    Btw I have an award for you..check this out.

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