Monday, 16 July 2012

Flormar Super Matte Nail Polish - Shade M107

Hello All,

It's been quite a while that I could strike a balance between my blog, family and work.. I still remember blogging every single day with a new shade swatch and I must say I loved it.. I used to check mine and other fellow blogs every day, don't know how many times, to see new comments and followers on mine and new posts on other blogs.. Hope I get back to that phase again and I think that might be quite possible now as I am back to Night shifts again.. I am sure there are a very few like me who like night shifts, do you??

I will be swatching Flormar nail polish again.. A foreign brand that offers very good quality nail paints  and more than that, its super affordable.. Who would like to miss it, I travel several kilometers to get them and I am famous among the SA's.. One lady asked me if I am collecting only Flormars or if I am reselling them... lol... Poor ones never succeed to persuade me to buy their products, why would I travel miles to get something that is so easily available.. Flormar is like a treasure and I never return from a New U store without a free compliment :P

Well, I would be swatching a red nail paint, first red nail polish swatch in the history of Addicted to Nail Paints ! **drumrolls**. I am of little dusky (now dark - Thank you Delhi for tanning me!) complexion.. I always feared wearing red thinking it would speak out-loud than me.. I have heard my colleagues talking about red-paints, eg:- "Those" type of girls wear flashy bright reds.. I hope you all understand what's "those" in this context.  I can never hear something like this at my workplace.. I had seen this nail paint before but never picked this up.. The SA kept repeating that this would look good on me, but the fear invested in me had its roots deep and  always made me a hesitant.. My friend insisted me on buying this and I wore it the very same day...

Yeah ! I know I have spoken a lot.. I will let the pictures speak now!!

So, this is the shade.. They have called it Super-Matte, but it is creamy and glossy.. Same like the purple one that I had reviewed before, check here

Flormar nail paints don't have names but just numbers.. They are numbered based on their types.. Normal ones just have numbers, glittery ones have the prefix "U" to their numbers and their so-called Mattes have the prefix "M"..

This one is baptized  M-107

And this is how this looks on me...

Another one

And one more..

Aren't they super glossy?? Would you believe if I say this is the actual finish of this nail polish and if I didn't apply a top coat?? Now you'll have to agree with me, Flormar nail polishes are a must have !! Any doubts?? lol.

They are super cheap - they cost me 85 INR which is close to 1.5 USD..

I will not talk much about the pros and cons as I have reviewed a lot of Flormars lately.. Check them out herehere and here.

This lasted 3 days without chipping and yeah, remember?? No top coat...

I also wanted to know if Flormars are available where you live, please do let me know in your comments..

Will see you tomorrow in my next post.. And yeah, I am looking for guest post writers.. Do let me know if you're interested..




  1. this looks superb on you amrin...i have three of these got them from delhi...they r not available in my city. i love them so i am planning to get them more in my my next visit to delhi...:)

    1. Thank you Pu.. I know only one store here that sells this..

  2. its a really pretty color,, but i think they shouldnt have put the "supermatte" if its not super matte,,, it might confuse people,,,

    1. So true.. I bought one initially thinking it to be matte. It should be named superglossy/supershine instead of supermatte. lol!

  3. hi dear...nice review....

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  4. We have in our country the Flormar polish, and they are quit professional. Love them!


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