Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LA Girl - Sapphire NL 385 Review

Hello Girls,

Good news for Chennai'ites!!! May be most of you know by now and I am the late Kate to know about it.. Better late than never.. Girls, we have access to many nail polish brands like LA Girl, Sally Hansen, Orly etc.
So, international brands are not easily available at stores here, say for instance the most famous NYX , Jordana is not available here in Chennai..

The store that I am talking about is " The Glo-shop" which is located at the basement in Express Avenue... I go to EA all the time and I have no idea how I missed it.. I had informed the store lady that I am a blogger and she was kind enough to let me take the pics, but I am posting this after 1 month of my visit there..

I had bought two nail paints from LA Girl, One is metallic blue which I will be reviewing today and the other one is a purple matte.. Swatches coming soon - May be in a week ;)

Before we proceed to the review, here are a few pics of their collection

They have a wide collection, don't they ??  If you are a Chennai'te and by any chance you didn't stop by this store, do check out !!  They have other cosmetics as well but nail paints impressed me - like always..

So, here's the actual part of this post !!

The shade under review today is  NL-385 Sapphire !

It's a metallic blue color that impressed me at the very first sight so much that I was going to buy it ! Don't know why..

Here are a few swatches :

Isn't it pretty?? And yeah, I don't buy only pinks and purples.. You can expect to see a wide color range on my blog soon.. lol !

I have no clue about the pros and cons as I just swatched them ! Couldn't resist posting .. lol !

See you all in my next post..




  1. Wow Amrin this is amazing....do you take orders seriously...if you I will love to buy frm u....:)

    1. Hehe.. I don't take orders Pu. But la girl is available in style craze

    2. i know but very limited shades...:(

    3. That's true.. I'll see if I can get them for you.. Any specific shade or maybe I will get clearer pics if the store keeper allows again.. lol!

  2. wow awesome collection, I am so J now being here in the North, wanna come to Chennai soon ...

    1. Don't be j yaar.. We have access to very less brands.. But this store is a boon. do let me know when you come here. We'll shop together. Lol

  3. tht is such fab collection of nail paints.. u r lucky to hav access to them .. wow.. i am luving the fruity NPs...


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