Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Streetwear Quick Dry - Cute Pink

Sorry for being MIA for a while.. I have been having a hectic work and personal schedule that I had completely forgotten about my blog for more than  2 weeks now... Things are falling in place again and I am really really hoping to do more of blogging soon :) And yeah, I would like to thank you girls for your emails and comments asking me to write again !

Like I've been mentioning about my new "addiction" to quick dry nail polishes, I will be reviewing/swatching a quick dry nail polish AGAIN !! - This time from Streetwear in the shade Cute Pink...

It has been a while since I got this nail paint and wore this on my birthday to compliment my "pink dress"..

Here is how the bottle looks :)

It's a pretty pearly pink color and will suit all skin tones.. All pink lovers would love this one for sure!

The cost of the bottle is 130 INR

And this is how this looks on my nails !

And yeah, sorry for the dry cuticles... I am not taking 1% care of my nails these days...

One more (In darker place - pic taken with mobile camera).. My hands look much darker here, but the color looks the same.

And one other , the background is my happy birthday wala dress !

Now lets talk about the sad part of this nail polish,, Its sheer and it took 5 coats to build up this color.. Good that it dries up soon, else I would have hated this one from every bit of my heart.. I cannot sit for 5 hours waiting my nail polish to dry..

Pros and Cons time!!!

<3 Quick dry and that's it!!


:( Very sheer color
:( Streaks
:( Short brush
:( Takes many coats to build up the color..

Well, hope you enjoyed reading through the post.. Will be back soon with another post..




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