Friday, 27 April 2012

It's raining Lip Glosses

Hello Everyone....

I would like to begin with a small update.. One of my nails broke and I had to cut my nails.. It so broke that I am now left with almost no nails.. I would not be doing much of NOTD's till they grow back.. Even if I do, they would be from the pics that I took in the past!!

Now moving on , I am soooo accustomed to night shifts that I don't get any sleep during the nights.. Think I am transforming in to bat/owl/vampire.. lol!!!!! I was getting super bored that I thought I would get creative.. hahaha!!!

I had a few broken lippies, some complementary lippies that wash me out.. Thought of applying my art of playing with colors there as well.. lol!

 I followed the same method mentioned here. I had a lot of broken ones as well, so made my batch..

Here are my new lip glosses, that I made at 1:00 AM.. lol


I had already made two lip glosses, actually 3 of them ( missing one ).. One of them is a pink shade and the other one is beautiful red (vermilion) color..

I didn't find any container, I used vaseline's box..

So here we go with my lippies :)

Most of them are with pink/ red undertones, so made one brown, these were made from complementary lippies from Lakme , I think for a purchase more than Rs. 500.

A more closer look..

 I used empty Lotus and Jovees lip balm tubs to fill the glosses..

Let's look at the Individual tubs and their swatches - A very closer look so that you can see the actual color..

This one is a pink shade, I made this from Avon's lipstick ( i don't remember the name) and vaseline, which lightened the color and made it a perfect daily wear color :)

And here is the swatch:

Right one with 3 swipes and left with single swipe

This one is a mauvish pink, which was worn on a daily basis and with a little drama can be used as a  party wear..


The right one is with 3 swipes and the left one with a single swipe.


I am not a big fan on brown, it makes my lips look darker and makes me look old.. I had some lipsticks that were not suiting me even by a kit... I looked completely washed out, mixed a few browns with some red shimmer eye shadow to get this shade.. I am not sure how much it would suit me, but looks kinda good and wearable with a lip liner.. 

 This is a very pigmented color.. I used Lakme's enrich satin and found it to be very dry and less moisturizing. Added 3 drops of olive oil and 5 drops of bitter almond oil.. I still feel it dry, but its the most pigmented..

one swipe

 And while making the last one, I ran out of vaseline, but had Jovees lip balm in Lavender which I didn't like at all. Mixed it with some eye pigments that my sis had gifted ( German praaducts :P) to get this pink shade once again.. I think either I am obsessed to pinks or I am not mixing my shades properly..

This turned out to be a gooey , unlike the other one, but glides on smoothly

Next is the one, that I made a little ago.. I didn't find lip balm tubs so I used Vaseline jar..

The tub's lid got messy, it got tripped from my hands when I was about to cool it.. Thank god, I had closed the lid while carrying it from Microwave to Fridge ..

Here is the swatch.. The most pigmented one, and its one swipe :). I use it mostly as a tinted balm, I used half a jar of vaseline.. Its very moisturizing...

one swipe

All lippies at one go:

My collection of home made lip glosses

 And the swatches:

Hope you like these ones and maybe try them out.. We all should be having broken useless lippies for sur, why not make our own Lip balms..

Do let me know how it turns out, waiting for your comments...

Will be back soon with another post.. Till then tadaaa!!!



Maybelline Coloroma - Caramello

Hello Everyone...

This is another swatch post on Maybelline coloroma in Caramello..

I have very less time for posting new stuff on my blog, mainly because I am doing night shifts, will be doing for the next month :( :( . I have no time for anything except for sleep sleep sleep :zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

So, though I would post some at one go to compensate not posting at all :D

Today, I would be reviewing, Coloroma's Caramello..

Here are the pics:

The main sticker was not centred, I tried my talents but it took half the print
This is cool brown color, I have enough browns but this one had teeny tiny shimmer that I fell in love with.

I felt this has the same con of Coral Chic, color pay off, I hate these ones, coz I use up a lot of the product to get the actual color.

with 4 coats
 Like I said, I dont regret of getting this brown., this one is amazing... I've never had a brown with shimmers :)

More closer look

This is indeed a cool color and I am totally in love with it.. I think the color pay off is a strategy so that the product gets over soon and we buy them again.. lol.. I can go to any heights of craziness :P

This was fresh for a day and the next day, I topped it up with a glittery top coat..

The top coat made it a super cute manicure....

The pros and cons are pretty much the same.. Think they will be for most of the coloroma's except for cremeso range...

Please let me know about your feedback and comments by clicking on the comment button...

Will catch you soon...



Maybelline Coloroma - Coral Chic

Hello Everyone...

Today I would be reviewing Maybelline's Coloroma nail polish in "Coral Chic". I had bought this during my recent visit to H&G, that I had mentioned in my previous post. I would be reviewing the other shades soon too :)

Here we go... Coloroma in Coral Chic..

I found this color to be very different coral shade that would really suited my skin tone, I instantly picked it up..

After I reached home, what I did was to Google out for the shade, I got shock of my life.. In most of the blogs, the color was more orange'y and mine was red..  I checked the expiry date, manufacturing info etc., everything seemed to be in place.. I was still wondering on what was the color different...  I went to the store again the next day and asked if they have another piece, the SA said she didn't. I told her about the shade difference to which she said this was the latest batch and colors have been rebuilt which I didn't believe , not even 1 %.

I came back home and thought of trying the shade.. Talking about this version of Coral Chic, I found this was well toned , didn't look gaudy and made my hands look brighter.. A perfect, warm summer color..

This nail polish can go sheer, and needs 3-4 coats for the actual color to show up.

So, here are the swatches..

With 2 coats of nail polish

This is how this looked with 3 coats on.. Still sheer and you can actually see the white part of the nail

with 3 coats

This is how it looked with the fourth coat... Like I said, indeed a beautiful shade that goes on well with my skin tone!!!


Four coats on, final look!!!

My take on the product:

<3 Super affordable at Rs. 85
<3 Pretty color suiting my skin tone
<3 Easily available

The Nays:

:( The whole color thing is still mysterious.
:( Bad color pay off, I actually emptied half the bottle to paint my arms and feet ( see the first pic)
:( The whole range has very less staying power, they don't chip but peel..

So guys, please let me know on how you felt about this review and also if someone has this version of Coral Chic.. Man!!! This is sooooo creepy!!!

Will catch you soon on another NOTD..

Till then, tada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Maybelline Express Finish - Soft Doux

Hello Everyone...

Hope you are doing great and taking good care of yourself in the scorching summer heat!!! Its way too hot in Chennai and I cannot think of stepping out.. I had visited a beauty store and hit the Maybelline counter and purchased a lot of makeup.. Starting from their BB cream, compact, lippies and glosses, eyeliners, kohl and mascara.. Yayy!! And how could I have missed Nail polishes!! I had purchases this one along with 3 coloroma ones!!!

I have all kind of pink starting to candy pink to hot pink, but not one light baby pink in my collection ( And Colorossence's blush, I hate ya ).. Didn't have any second thoughts and picked up this one...

With flash!!
I absolutely adore this shade, such a beautiful pink it is... I love it...

Closeup look
 I had left this on for 5 days, it did chip and wear out.. I didn't do any kind of touch ups though..

This is how it looked on the second day ( no big difference, felt like taking a pic)

on the second day

I love this shade.. Perfect for office, meetings and Interviews!!! Great shade ever bought.. Gosh.. How did I miss this one!!!

Please let me know your comments.. This will help me a lot improvising the quality of the posts!!!



Colobar Nail Lacquer in Amethyst

Hello Everyone..

Today I would be reviewing / swatching Colorbar's Nail Lacquer in Amethyst.. Colorbar is a brand that is not easily available in Chennai.. I know most of the Chennai'ites would agree with me.. There's a new Health & Glow outlet opened near my place and guess what, they have a Colorbar counter.. I had picked up 3 shades, I would be swatching the others soon..

Amethyst is a beautiful purple shade that would be gorgeous on most of the skin tones.. I don't own a lot of purples, this is my second (after Avon). The color on the pics is a little different from the actual color.. God knows why purple looks different on the photos...

Here we go...

A few swatches in Natural light and flash!!

Natural Light:
In natural light, immediately after application

After 3 days of application, the shade is still glossy :)

 With Flash

Immediately after application
On the third day!!

Overall, I love this color.. It needs a minimum of 3 coats to get this finish.. The color can go streaky and might look a complete mess during the first 2 coats, but the color is very very pretty.. Yay.. I love colorbar!!!

I cannot comment of lasting power coz I took these pics before removing the paint.. I keep changing my nail polish very often, I get restless without doing so.. Trying to get rid of that bad habit though!!!!

This doesn't drill a hole in the pocket.. No.. Not at all.. It costs Rs. 175 and it's worth every penny!!! I am waiting for their new launch and crackle paints to arrive Chennai!!!

The other con that I observed was , it stained my nails :( And I take the blame of not applying a base coat.. That too when  applying a dark color... Whoops.. My bad!!!

Signing off from you folks for now.. Will be back with another swatching session...

Please please leave in your comments.. I would like to know what you think about my posts.. And yeah, support by following  :P

Till then,



Saturday, 7 April 2012

Flormar Nail polish - Shade 12 review

Hello Everyone,

Today I would be reviewing Flormar Supershine nail polishes that I had mentioned about in my previous haul post.. This post is about the Flormar super shine nail polish in shade 12.

With 7 extra nail polishes to my vanity, I was thinking about which one to wear first. Since it was the last day of my weekend and had to go on with a little sober/subtle shade , I selected this one.. This one would be perfect for office wear.. This would go with any color attire and looks beautiful..

This is a rusty brown shade that I think would suite all skin tones :)  And like a cherry on the ice cream, it has teeny tiny shimmer, that makes this a wonderful shade to wear.

So, here are the swatches.

With 2 coats:

2- coats of supershine shade 12
With  2 coats you get pretty good coverage and the color look pretty.. I went ahead with a third coat to get the actual color of the nail polish!!

without flash (in dim light)

with flash

Like I had mentioned, the shimmer in the nail polish makes it a cool pretty shade..

And this is how it looked after a top coat:

Overall,  I am very pleased with these nail polishes.. They are super cheap at Rs. 75 and they quality is not compromised either.. Talking about the staying power, I think it's pretty decent.. After 4 days of manicure, it has worn off the tips ( not chipped though!!) I would rate it 4.5/5 :)

Will be reviewing / swatching the other shades from this collection soon!!  Alos please leave in your comments, this would highly motivate me on writing good and efficient posts...



Friday, 6 April 2012

Flormar Haul!!!

Hello Everyone... It's haul time.. I had been away for sometime 'coz I had some problems with my comp and the internet connection. So, like back with a bang, I am back with a haul!!!!

This haul post is all about adding an extra feather to my existing polish collection... FLORMAR!!!

Flormar is a Turkish cosmetic company that manufacture cosmetics to meet all needs!!  I had read about them in Neha's post on IMBB.. Since I live in the same city and happened to pass by the NewU store, I thought of paying a visit... ( I pass by this store everytime and I went to buy Flormar range of cosmetics (nail polishes)!!!) I had clear intentions that I would buy only Flormar nailpaints, but wasn't sure if I would find them and I was super excited when I actually saw them...

The store had good collection of these paints and when I was picking them , SA's like swarm of bees were around me asking to check their brand... I had intentions of buying only Flormar nail paints and I kept avoiding them.. Then a Lakme SA told me they were local cosmetics and I should try branded ones!!  I laughed at ignorance and 'ignored' her, but she was all like going gaga about using branded nail polishes and how they affect nails... I couldn't resist and told her I that I had come there only for FLORMAR.. She laughed at me and walked off... Hmph.. Ignorance is Bliss, isn't it!!!

Enough of my ramblings, let's move on to the serious stuff a total of 7 nail polishes and a nail polish remover..

Each nail polish costed me around Rs. 75, they were of Super Matte, Super Shine, Quick Shine types...

A closer pic of these polishes.. May help you catch the real color of the polishes..

without flash
with flash

Super Shine and Super Matte polishes ( the purple one is from the super matte collection, its glossy purple!!)

without flash

with flash

 A beige and a clear one. Thought of using them as base and top coat!!

without flash
with flash

Last but not the least, their nail polish remover.. I had bought it in Grape flavor :P

These nail polishes don't have names , but they are numbered... I will swatch these ones soon... Will catch you soon in another blog post,, Till then, adieu!!

P.S: These pics were shot from my mobile cam.. Yup good news, Gotta a new mob, Sony Ericson Xperia Ray :)