Friday, 27 April 2012

Maybelline Coloroma - Coral Chic

Hello Everyone...

Today I would be reviewing Maybelline's Coloroma nail polish in "Coral Chic". I had bought this during my recent visit to H&G, that I had mentioned in my previous post. I would be reviewing the other shades soon too :)

Here we go... Coloroma in Coral Chic..

I found this color to be very different coral shade that would really suited my skin tone, I instantly picked it up..

After I reached home, what I did was to Google out for the shade, I got shock of my life.. In most of the blogs, the color was more orange'y and mine was red..  I checked the expiry date, manufacturing info etc., everything seemed to be in place.. I was still wondering on what was the color different...  I went to the store again the next day and asked if they have another piece, the SA said she didn't. I told her about the shade difference to which she said this was the latest batch and colors have been rebuilt which I didn't believe , not even 1 %.

I came back home and thought of trying the shade.. Talking about this version of Coral Chic, I found this was well toned , didn't look gaudy and made my hands look brighter.. A perfect, warm summer color..

This nail polish can go sheer, and needs 3-4 coats for the actual color to show up.

So, here are the swatches..

With 2 coats of nail polish

This is how this looked with 3 coats on.. Still sheer and you can actually see the white part of the nail

with 3 coats

This is how it looked with the fourth coat... Like I said, indeed a beautiful shade that goes on well with my skin tone!!!


Four coats on, final look!!!

My take on the product:

<3 Super affordable at Rs. 85
<3 Pretty color suiting my skin tone
<3 Easily available

The Nays:

:( The whole color thing is still mysterious.
:( Bad color pay off, I actually emptied half the bottle to paint my arms and feet ( see the first pic)
:( The whole range has very less staying power, they don't chip but peel..

So guys, please let me know on how you felt about this review and also if someone has this version of Coral Chic.. Man!!! This is sooooo creepy!!!

Will catch you soon on another NOTD..

Till then, tada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Even I reviewd this some days it :)

  2. I love it too.. But looks like the actual Coral Chic is more cuter.. Maybe will get the actual one soon :)


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