Friday, 6 April 2012

Flormar Haul!!!

Hello Everyone... It's haul time.. I had been away for sometime 'coz I had some problems with my comp and the internet connection. So, like back with a bang, I am back with a haul!!!!

This haul post is all about adding an extra feather to my existing polish collection... FLORMAR!!!

Flormar is a Turkish cosmetic company that manufacture cosmetics to meet all needs!!  I had read about them in Neha's post on IMBB.. Since I live in the same city and happened to pass by the NewU store, I thought of paying a visit... ( I pass by this store everytime and I went to buy Flormar range of cosmetics (nail polishes)!!!) I had clear intentions that I would buy only Flormar nailpaints, but wasn't sure if I would find them and I was super excited when I actually saw them...

The store had good collection of these paints and when I was picking them , SA's like swarm of bees were around me asking to check their brand... I had intentions of buying only Flormar nail paints and I kept avoiding them.. Then a Lakme SA told me they were local cosmetics and I should try branded ones!!  I laughed at ignorance and 'ignored' her, but she was all like going gaga about using branded nail polishes and how they affect nails... I couldn't resist and told her I that I had come there only for FLORMAR.. She laughed at me and walked off... Hmph.. Ignorance is Bliss, isn't it!!!

Enough of my ramblings, let's move on to the serious stuff a total of 7 nail polishes and a nail polish remover..

Each nail polish costed me around Rs. 75, they were of Super Matte, Super Shine, Quick Shine types...

A closer pic of these polishes.. May help you catch the real color of the polishes..

without flash
with flash

Super Shine and Super Matte polishes ( the purple one is from the super matte collection, its glossy purple!!)

without flash

with flash

 A beige and a clear one. Thought of using them as base and top coat!!

without flash
with flash

Last but not the least, their nail polish remover.. I had bought it in Grape flavor :P

These nail polishes don't have names , but they are numbered... I will swatch these ones soon... Will catch you soon in another blog post,, Till then, adieu!!

P.S: These pics were shot from my mobile cam.. Yup good news, Gotta a new mob, Sony Ericson Xperia Ray :)



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