Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Colobar Nail Lacquer in Amethyst

Hello Everyone..

Today I would be reviewing / swatching Colorbar's Nail Lacquer in Amethyst.. Colorbar is a brand that is not easily available in Chennai.. I know most of the Chennai'ites would agree with me.. There's a new Health & Glow outlet opened near my place and guess what, they have a Colorbar counter.. I had picked up 3 shades, I would be swatching the others soon..

Amethyst is a beautiful purple shade that would be gorgeous on most of the skin tones.. I don't own a lot of purples, this is my second (after Avon). The color on the pics is a little different from the actual color.. God knows why purple looks different on the photos...

Here we go...

A few swatches in Natural light and flash!!

Natural Light:
In natural light, immediately after application

After 3 days of application, the shade is still glossy :)

 With Flash

Immediately after application
On the third day!!

Overall, I love this color.. It needs a minimum of 3 coats to get this finish.. The color can go streaky and might look a complete mess during the first 2 coats, but the color is very very pretty.. Yay.. I love colorbar!!!

I cannot comment of lasting power coz I took these pics before removing the paint.. I keep changing my nail polish very often, I get restless without doing so.. Trying to get rid of that bad habit though!!!!

This doesn't drill a hole in the pocket.. No.. Not at all.. It costs Rs. 175 and it's worth every penny!!! I am waiting for their new launch and crackle paints to arrive Chennai!!!

The other con that I observed was , it stained my nails :( And I take the blame of not applying a base coat.. That too when  applying a dark color... Whoops.. My bad!!!

Signing off from you folks for now.. Will be back with another swatching session...

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