Friday, 27 April 2012

It's raining Lip Glosses

Hello Everyone....

I would like to begin with a small update.. One of my nails broke and I had to cut my nails.. It so broke that I am now left with almost no nails.. I would not be doing much of NOTD's till they grow back.. Even if I do, they would be from the pics that I took in the past!!

Now moving on , I am soooo accustomed to night shifts that I don't get any sleep during the nights.. Think I am transforming in to bat/owl/vampire.. lol!!!!! I was getting super bored that I thought I would get creative.. hahaha!!!

I had a few broken lippies, some complementary lippies that wash me out.. Thought of applying my art of playing with colors there as well.. lol!

 I followed the same method mentioned here. I had a lot of broken ones as well, so made my batch..

Here are my new lip glosses, that I made at 1:00 AM.. lol


I had already made two lip glosses, actually 3 of them ( missing one ).. One of them is a pink shade and the other one is beautiful red (vermilion) color..

I didn't find any container, I used vaseline's box..

So here we go with my lippies :)

Most of them are with pink/ red undertones, so made one brown, these were made from complementary lippies from Lakme , I think for a purchase more than Rs. 500.

A more closer look..

 I used empty Lotus and Jovees lip balm tubs to fill the glosses..

Let's look at the Individual tubs and their swatches - A very closer look so that you can see the actual color..

This one is a pink shade, I made this from Avon's lipstick ( i don't remember the name) and vaseline, which lightened the color and made it a perfect daily wear color :)

And here is the swatch:

Right one with 3 swipes and left with single swipe

This one is a mauvish pink, which was worn on a daily basis and with a little drama can be used as a  party wear..


The right one is with 3 swipes and the left one with a single swipe.


I am not a big fan on brown, it makes my lips look darker and makes me look old.. I had some lipsticks that were not suiting me even by a kit... I looked completely washed out, mixed a few browns with some red shimmer eye shadow to get this shade.. I am not sure how much it would suit me, but looks kinda good and wearable with a lip liner.. 

 This is a very pigmented color.. I used Lakme's enrich satin and found it to be very dry and less moisturizing. Added 3 drops of olive oil and 5 drops of bitter almond oil.. I still feel it dry, but its the most pigmented..

one swipe

 And while making the last one, I ran out of vaseline, but had Jovees lip balm in Lavender which I didn't like at all. Mixed it with some eye pigments that my sis had gifted ( German praaducts :P) to get this pink shade once again.. I think either I am obsessed to pinks or I am not mixing my shades properly..

This turned out to be a gooey , unlike the other one, but glides on smoothly

Next is the one, that I made a little ago.. I didn't find lip balm tubs so I used Vaseline jar..

The tub's lid got messy, it got tripped from my hands when I was about to cool it.. Thank god, I had closed the lid while carrying it from Microwave to Fridge ..

Here is the swatch.. The most pigmented one, and its one swipe :). I use it mostly as a tinted balm, I used half a jar of vaseline.. Its very moisturizing...

one swipe

All lippies at one go:

My collection of home made lip glosses

 And the swatches:

Hope you like these ones and maybe try them out.. We all should be having broken useless lippies for sur, why not make our own Lip balms..

Do let me know how it turns out, waiting for your comments...

Will be back soon with another post.. Till then tadaaa!!!




  1. Innovative Amrin.they are quite pigmnted also :)

    1. Thanks Tan... You should give it a try too!!!


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