Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rashmi's Giveaway

Hello Girls,

This is basically a blog post about a giveaway..

Rashmi of health, beauty and babbles is holding a giveaway..

I usually refrain myself from doing posts on giveaways  but I wanted to do this post on an exception,  because I adore Rashmi for the time and effort she took in answering my queries regarding skin care..

Do participate in the giveaway..

All the best doc - Wishing you more and more success in the blogosphere :)



Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Colorbar Nail polish - Exclusive 67

Hello Gals,

I would like to start this post with a biiiig Thank you!!!! This is my 41st post and I have 41 followers on my blog as of now ! What an irony!

I had started this blog almost a year back and had no time for posting and blogging ( mainly because of laziness). I got into serious blogging almost a month back.. I started this month with 4 followers out of which one was my cousin ;) And today, almost end of this month - I have 41 followers.. Yayyyy!!!  And six blog awards.. Yet to post them though.. Thank you gals for your awards and love :)

Once again "Thank you for making this a success". 

I also want to announce here that I am planning to host a giveaway once I reach 50 followers.. This would be a mini one though.. You can expect a big bash for a century.. lol. Please feel free to suggest on what would you like to win here...  Let's make this a success as usual :)

Let's actually proceed to the actual review part of this post

By now , most you must be knowing my craze for pink and purples.. I have a very few browns in my collection, this one among them..  The shade under review today is , a brown shade - to be more precise a toffee colored shade. This is named - Exclusive 67

This is a sober brown that gets creamy and glossy upon application. A normal everyday wear - a shade that a even a non nail paint lover would like...

And this one has a flat brush as well- Bingo!

The cost of this nail polish is 150 INR

And this is how this looks on me:

Sorry for the low quality pics, these were taken indoors with flashlight - the shade looks the same in natural light as well.

Let's talk about the yay's and the nay's

<3 Nice color pay off, doesn't streak - gives creamy finish
<3  Easily available
<3 Affordable
<3 Stays on 3-4 days with topcoat on

:( Lasts only for 2 days without topcoat
:( Takes forever to dry

I will rate it 3.5/5. If you are someone who doesn't want much drama on your nails - you can go for this one..

Will meet you guys in my next post. Please don't forget to mention on what would you like to win for the giveaway that is coming soon :)



Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fresh n Flowery nail art

Hello Ladies,

Hope you are all doing good and hope this week is on its verge to bring a lot of joy to your life :) This week started off with a sad note for me though... Off lately, I have developed a new hobby - Gardening.. You must be wondering why must I be sad about it, right?? Well, I have made a separate area in my garden for plants used for food and skin care like coriander, fenugreek , curry leave, aloe etc.. I had to use to bricks to construct this area.. It all turned to be good - but I broke my nails on my right hand.. Not one but three!!! Can you believe it?? Huh!! :(:( *sob*

I have been posting nail art for the last few days and I am happy to announce that I am improving.. lol. I started writing this post to actually write a review and swatch Lakme's Purple it! nail polish, but just found that I have lost the pics :(:(:(:(

So, this lucky one is on my blog today!

I received my first package of my nail art tools from e-bay - a fifteen pcs nail art brush set... Yayy!!  I am still unsure on how to use these brushes.. Puja, may be you can help us with this.. lol...

I was very curious and restless in trying out something with these brushes.. I wanted to keep it simple - yet without polkas.. I have been dotting my nails a lot :) One of my colleagues actually asked out why don't I try something different :D

Instead of babbling on and on, I'll let you guys see my venture for yourself :)

I must say, this is one of the most easiest nail arts I have ever done..  This brings fresh summery feeling every time I look at it.

Products used

1. Envy nail paint in Alpine Snow Matte (white base)
2. Colorbar Amethyst (flowers)
3. An old Eyetex Dazzler nail polish in leaf green (leaves)
4. A long bristle brush ( for drawing leaves)
5. A dotting tool that came with the set.

sorry for the low quality pic - taken from my mobile cam indoors

 The entire set of brushes had cost me around $1 ( actually $0.99) which was 53 INR then :P

I had painted my nails with a white paint , then made leaf like strokes and added flowers to the leaves... Bingo!! You have your floral fresh nail art... I am super excited.. lol!!!

I hate having one shorter nail than the other.. I chopped all my nails again.. *sob*^.^*sob*

The brush made drawing leaves a easier job :) This should be a perfect nail art for short nails :P

One pic on my favorite background.. lol.. My coconut tree..

One last pic - taken indoors : On my computer table, with flash on :)

I really wish, hope and pray that you like this nail art as much as I do.. As usual - keep commenting and help me improve and show your love and support by following..

See you all in another swatch/review post tomorrow.. I will be posting brown nail paint for the first time in the history of addictedtonailpaints!!!!!



Monday, 28 May 2012

My first article on Wise She - Chambor's Powder Matte Lipstick

Hello Ladies,

I have been very busy the whole week. Chennai heat is literally torturing me and Chennai'tes have an added bonus, 2 hours of power cut a day!!! Yayy!! I didn't post anything today because I wanted to get a full night oopsie full day's sleep.. Slept for 12 hours and got up late for work and reached work.. So, couldn't post anything on my arena..

I was real excited to see one of my articles posted on Wise She... This came as a surprise to me.. Thanks Ana!!

The review is about Chambor's Powder Matte Lipstick - Indiana Fusion

Please check it out here..

As usual let me know your comments and suggestions :)

Also, please let me know if we can include a new column for other makeup product swatches and review.



Saturday, 26 May 2012

Newsprint Nail Art

Hello Everyone...

Thank you so much for your comments for my nail art post - this has filled me with an aura of energy and lot of enthusiasm to do more nail art posts in future.. Today's post is a "Thank you"  to your encouragement..

I was surfing through internet for "nail art for beginners" and saw something called as news paper nail art.. It seemed top be super easy and I had read about it once on Wise She.. Wanted to give it a try and it turned out well, I had all ingredients at home luckily :)

Here is what you need:

1. A base coat
2. A beige/lighter color nail polish
3. Rubbing Alcohol
4. News paper
5. Top coat

Let's start over, these are the things that I used:

I am sorry, unable to rotate this pic.. Pls adjust

  1. Konad nail hardener as base coat
  2. Flormar nail enamel in shade 344 for the base of the nail art
  3. 2% Hydrogen peroxide - Rubbing alcohol ( you can get it from a chemist store)
  4. News paper bits
  5. Flormar top coat


Apply base coat and your base nail polish.. Go for lighter colors, lighter the color - better the print.

I applied base coat and applied 3 coats of Flormar nail enamel in shade 344

Soak your finger nails in rubbing alcohol and place the news paper bit on your nail - Press and hold for 10-20 seconds..

Initially, the impression was not very dark.. I soaked the news paper bit in rubbing alcohol and pressed it against my finger nail..

Once you are done with all your nails, let the ink dry for some time, then apply a thin coat of your Top coat.. Once it is dry, you can apply a thicker layer of your top coat..

This is how the finished manicure looks like...

I messed up a little on my index finger and redid it again, which was not perfect as well :-(

One more:

Soaking your nails in rubbing alcohol, causes a whitish layer to be formed on the skin.. Mom says, it's normal with H202 :)

Note: Please don't forget to moisturize your hands after soaking them in hydrogen peroxide solution!!
Hope you like this post, please let me know your comments - Eager to hear them..

Meet you guys in my next post..

Take care till then..



Friday, 25 May 2012

Nail Art - Pink n White

Heylo Girls...

I have been reviewing and swatching only nail polishes all these days.. I know that is what I created this blog for but also wanted to try out some nail art.. I have been doing nail arts for quite some time but I must admit I am not very good at it..  I hate when things get shabby ( yeah, you can consider me to be a semi-perfectionist.. lol) After having started a nail polish blog, the first thing that I did was to order some nail art tools from e-bay,  it's been a month now and I am still receiving it!!

The only nail art tool that I own is a tooth pick :P

I have been seeing the Nail art challenge conducted by Puja of Cute nail studio and have been seeing beautiful nail arts.. I am pretty much confident that I will take ages to learn that, also I don't use artificial nails, it gets really difficult while doing any art on my right hand..

I saw the one of the final entries "Copy cat" by Pavani of when she had posted a pink and white nail art.. I got inspired and copy cat'ed the same...

You can check her nail art here.. Well, I must say I have been seeing Pavani's nail art in Wise she and they have been real easy peasy.. Mine didn't turn out to be real good and is shabby , I think it's okay considering me to be a novice...   Maybe one day, I'll turn out to be real good nail artist!!!

Here's my version of her nail art:

I had recently ordered some nail paints from Nail Juice, they are not very great in terms of quality and have cheap nail paint smell.. They stay up to 2 days with top coat...

I used Nail Juice nail paint in shade 29 to paint my nails, french tipped with Envy's Alpine snow matt nail polish..

 Girls, please comment and let me know my areas of improvement... Will see you soon with another review.. Hoping to post a lot of nail art posts as well... I will try to take step by step pics of nail art, once I get better :)



Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lotus Nail Polish - Mahogany

Hello Everyone,

By know,  most of you would have gotten to know about my pink and purple obsession.. Most of my nail polishes are of these shades, though I don't limit myself to any color as such :)

Today's review would be about a brand that I had never reviewed about - neither do I own a lot of shades from them ( not that  I dislike them).  

Lotus - They make very good nail polishes at very affordable prices and have good collection of shades..  I do remember passing by Lotus counters once upon a time  and getting confused if they were selling nail polishes or foundations in nail paint like bottle.. But their Colour Dew version has many attractive shades.. I did fall for a few  but I don't buy them because I find it difficult to arrange them in my storage area.. Again, this is a personal choice ( not bad mouthing about the brand )

The shade under review today is 943- Mahogany.. It's a beautiful plum/grape shade (OMG! I am so bad at explaining shades). I picked this one up because I was looking for a shade that I could carry for meetings, interviews and stuff like that..

I got this nail polish for INR 90

So, have a look at the shade:

I love their unique bottle design.. Slim and long, which means I get a long brush!!! Yayyy!!

And this is how 3 coats of Lotus Colour Dew Nail Enamel looks on me :)

Like I said - This shade is perfect for everyday wear.. Looks too subtle and compliments your skin tone.. I love applying this on my feet.. Goes well with most of your outfits!!!

Talking about the quality of the nail polish, they are Toluene and DBP Free.. And you get so much for 90 INR??  Isn't that great.. There's more.. The color is intense and pigmented, gives you a creamy finish. Doesn't streak at all..  I love their long brushes.. Makes my job easier - especially while painting toes..

It does stay for 3-5 days with top coat on my arms.. Chips a little on toes - but shine last forever without any touch ups...  But the other shades of this brand do chip a little after 2-3 days!!! A few after a day..

Let's see about the Yay's and Nay's..

<3 Love their bottle
<3 Affordable
<3 Toluene and DBP free
<3 Nice color range and highly pigmented color
<3 Long brush.
<3 Lasts longer

There are no cons as such!!!

But hold on, I mentioned earlier that I don't buy these nail paints often.. But why?

I do love their bottle design, but I find them very fragile and delicate.. I did break 2-3 bottles just by dropping it down!! Not that I don't take care of my bottles, but I usually slip only Lotus nail polish bottles and break them.. Maybe it's just luck factor or I am cursed!! Who cursed me?? Aaarggghhhh!!! This was the last I had and my fault - I kept it on the bed and my bro dropped it :( I really feel disheartened when a nail polish bottle breaks.. So decided not to buy them until I find the most perfect way to store them.. Need your input guys!!!

I would rate it 4.5/5 (-0.5 because the other variants chip a little after 2-3 days )

At last, me wearing a ring presented by my aunt :) It's really difficult to find a ring for my big fat fingers.. And this is a silver ring with rubies :) Thank you Ammi Khala!!

Lotus - Mahogany

Note: This pic was taken after 3 days of application and without touch ups!!

Will catch you all in my next post.. Till then , keep commenting and support by following!!!



Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Colorbar Nail Polish - Exclusive 15

Hello Girls,

I am back with a nail polish post again, but this time unlike pinks and purples, it's green... Yayy!!!  I picked this one up in my recent  H&G haul that I had mentioned.. I was looking out for some cool shade for this summer and I spotted this one!!

Colorbar Exclusive - 15

This is a beautiful mint to sea green shade and found this to be super cool for summers..  I usually hesitate before picking up greens, thinking if it might not suit me, but when I saw this baby, I was certain that this will add up to my collection.. I had one similar shade from Chambor - but gave it to my maid's daughter :P I don't like Chambor's nail polishes for some reason - maybe I'll find a nail polish that I'll adore from this brand soon!! Need your inputs here... And yeah - I am not defaming the brand, they have really amazing products..

The cost of this nail polish is 150 INR

 A few more swatches for you!!!


Well, my cuticles are still like this!! Dry, rough and torn.. I know I get soooo brainy at times, that i get brilliant ideas like cutting dry cuticle.. I repent for doing so!!!

Colorbar Exclusive 15

 I wish these ones had names instead of numbers.. So, what would you name this shade??

Now, let's come to the pros and cons of this nail paint..

<3 I love the brush , typically "my type flat brush" - If the brush wasn't flat, I'd have never picked this up.
<3 Easily available
<3 Affordable
<3 Doesn't streak - 3 coats gives a creamy finish!!
<3 I had worn this for 3 days and this didn't chip ( with a top coat)

There are no Nay's as such... This one has a flat brush but a few other shades don't.. Colorbar - please give us flat brushes!!!

One thing I seriously don't understand with Colorbar nail polishes  is the price difference between the black cap and silver cap nail polishes.. The quality, quantity , brush remain the same.. No change at all.. Gals, any idea why????

Time to sign-off..

Please do let me know your comments.. I really feel nice to read them.. Like I always say, I get motivated and encouraged when I see a new comment/follower :) Please leave me a comment when you stop by, you'd make my day :)

See you gals in my next post - most possibly tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned..



Saturday, 19 May 2012

Streetwear Quick Dry Nail polish - Girly Pink

Hello Garrrlllss!!!!

Looks like I have caught "pink fever" recently.. I have been buying a lot of pink shades recently.. Pinks, Violets, Purples are the shades that I have been buying for the last 1 month!!! Please do let me know if you feel the shades and reviews to be monotonous and any specific shade range you'd like me to swatch!!!

 I was actually surfing through Urban Touch's site and I found a new range of Street wear nail polishes.. I am not sure how long they have been under existence, but didn't want to miss them when they caught my attention.. I love fast dry nail polishes because I don't have to sit hours together for my manicure to dry  for me to carry on with my daily chores... So, I ordered two shades namely Girly Pink and Cute Pink!!! Both pink :P

Shade: Girly Pink

Girly Pink
Firstly, I loved the name "Girly Pink and so do I love all girly stuff.. I am sure girls love pink :) But when I received the order Iwas kind of shocked.. It was such a bright pink that I have never worn in my life time.. Not the one that I expected !! A big con of online shopping!! Anyways, let's proceed with the review.

Girly Pink

I was a little skeptical about wearing it because the color looked a little gaudy in indoor light. But wanted to give it a try..  So, please see for yourself for how it looks on me and let me know your comments...

The price of this nail polish is 140 INR

Initially, I thought it would be like the usual plum/mauve shades and was not too happy about it.. Because I had lots of similar shades.. But when I swatched it, that's when I realized that this shade is something new... So, a new surprise shade.. I love it!

Here's one more:

I totally loved the shade, though I received some comments at work stating the shade is way too bright and eye-catching.. Well, by now you all should be knowing that I really don't care for such comments :)

I know I have been talking on and on about the shade but never spoke about the wow feature that made me buy this nail polish!!!

Yup, You got it right ~ The Quick Dry Formula!! I should say that streetwear has done real good job. This product lives to its claims!! I am starting to love Street wear nail polishes once again.. I wish they never discontinued their old range!!

Like I said before, this shade is too bright in fluorescence.. Let's see how this looks under a tube light, with flash on! Now I would call it a Rani Pink Color..

Under Fluorescence

Let's talk about the Yay and Nay factors!!!

The Yay's:

<3 The quick dry formula really works.
<3 Affordable and less expensive when compared to quick dry polishes of other brands.
<3 Nice color selection.
<3 Gives creamy and glossy finish.
<3 Intense color .

The Nay's

:( I haven't seen them at the local stores yet, availability may be an issue.
:( It chips pretty fast.. It stayed on for 2 days and started chipping (with a top coat)..  Might not be long lasting without a top coat
:( I wish the brush was a little longer with nice and flat brush ( a personal choice)

Overall, I am happy with this product as this one did serve the actual purpose of being Quick Dry.. I will rate it 3/5. Not a must have, but you can give it a try

Before we  wrap up, I have one other good news to share..

I got my second blog award!! This time it was from Puja Malhotra of Cute Nails!! Most of you would be knowing her ( Does she need an introduction?).  She is a Diva of Nail Art!!!

For those who don't know her, let's see something about Puja in her own words ( Flicked it from her "about me" column)

"I am trained nail artist and mother of 4 year old girl...... I own my own nail art studio and do nail art professionally and teaches nail art"

Now about Puja in my own words!!

Pu (that's how I call her) is a Nail Art Guru!!!! Very talented and creative.. Her nail art ideas are mind blowing... I adore her for following her dreams.. She is very encouraging, visits my blog almost everyday and marks her presence by a sweet comment.. I value her support and friendship , especially at my blog's budding stage :)  I love you Pu and thanks for this award!! You know how much this means to me!!!

This is the award I received from her.


I would pass on this award to:
5. Last but not least, Tanmayee of

 A small gyaan on how special you guys are to me!!

Niesha - Thank you so much for your support to a budding blogger.. Your sweet words actually mean a lot more to me!!!

Prayati- A budding blogger just like - Novice but very creative ( I love your post on eye makeup)

Dr. Rashmi - Doc, I thank you for your patience to answer all my queries related to my baffled skin.. 

Preetha- I wanted to do this post as a birthday surprise to you.. A belated happy birthday Girl!!!

Tanmayee- You were the very  first to stop by my blog and post a comment which inspired me to write me.. You'll always be special!!

Do let me know your comments and suggestions like always - support by following!!!



Friday, 18 May 2012

Yes, I Hauled Again!!!

Hello Girlies....

Hope you are all doing good.. I work for the night shifts which makes it obvious that I have to rest during the day!! Sleeping during the day??? Imagine on a hot sunny Chennai day?? Plus maintenance power cut for the whole day??? Well, summing up all together, any guesses what would happen?? You're right!!! A haul happens!!!

I tried a lot to sleep but gave up after 11:00 AM and went to Health and Glow.. My skin is acting up on me to such an extent that its rejecting medications.. I had acne during the early onset of my teens but it had vanished due course.. My skin completely cleared up by the time I was 20.. I had problem free glowing skin till I was 23. I had vacationed to Andaman Islands - no doubts a paradise on earth, but came back with tanned, actually burnt skin and since then I have all kinds of skin problems on earth.. From Acne to sensitivity to blemishes to non clearing tan!!! For the last 1.5 years, I have been living with this.. You can actually spot 10 differences ( maybe more) with my skin quality then and now!

I had made up my mind that I am gonna stop medications and try herbal ways.. One thing I noticed was that I stopped taking care of my skin actually!!! I don't exfoliate like before, no masks etc. but for cetaphil cleanser for face ( got it changed from benzoyl peroxide based face wash) and cetaphil lotion plus some treatments here and there.. So, I thought I should  have some good scrubs and face packs.. Following Dr. Rashmi's post, on Fab India De-pigmentation cream, I order it online.. You can read about it here.  I had picked up Aroma Magic peppermint cleanser, mineral scrub and glossy pack.. I also bought Safi yesterday and said to myself that I will drink it everyday.. Guess, what I missed it the first day :P

Coming to the actual haul part of it, I picked up some nail paints from Colorbar, Lakme , Revlon and H&G's own brand ENVY

Hauled nail polishes (mostly pink and blues)
I have included Street wear's speed dry as well that I had recently bought from

I am impressed with Lakme's Fast and Fabulous range that I bought more of Lakme this time and got a free nail paint!!!

The centre true wear one is the free nail paint
The SA asked me if I like nail polishes a lot that I don't buy other products like nail polishes.. Showed her my blog and did some publicity there :P

Will review and swatch all these shades for you soon!!!

One other update, Nail Juice nail polishes are available at for 64 INR.. I have ordered mine and waiting for it to arrive any time.. Good offer to miss!!!

UPDATE:  Guys, I received the Nail Juice nail polishes from Snap deal.. My God, they arrived real quick!!! But I am not very happy with the Nail Juice nail polishes.. They have a strong smell (Cheap nail polish smell). But the colors seem to be pigmented. Not worth the actual price of 85 INR, not even the discounted one!! You'll get good quality nail polishes like Streetwear/Elle 18 Mini for the same cost!!!

Will catch you guys soon!!




Flormar Super Matte Nail Enamel - Shade M106

Hello Ladies...

Hope you are all doing good!! I am really overwhelmed by your love and response to  my posts!! So, here  I begin with a thank you note!!  

                                                          Thank You Guys!!!!!

Today, I will be reviewing one other variant of the Flormar nail polishes that I hauled recently!! The shade under review today is from the variant of flomar nail polishes -  Flormar Super Matte Nail Enamel in Shade M106, I think M stands for "Matte"...

So, let's see what this Matte nail polish has in store for us.. Firstly deceiving name!!! Yes, It's not matte but creamy!!!! So ladies, if you have any plans of buying Flormar online, let me warn you, don't get deceived!!!! I had bought this from a store knowing the fact that it's not matte.. Not much of a disappointment for me.. Let's see the actual review of this nail paint!!!

Like I had mentioned in my earlier posts, I had picked up Flormar nail polishes from a Mega Mart outlet.. And these were stored in a stand with nail polishes scattered and not neatly organized actually it was a mess... I had to actually search and pick my shades ( looking for a unique shade each time is a big task for me.), mainly because I hate having exact same shade from different companies.. Unless its a dupe of a high end brand!!!

This beautiful color caught my attention and noway I was to leave it behind.. See the shade for yourself to get some idea of what am I talking about!!!

Flormar - Shade M 106  

 I have a couple of purples but most of them are of egg plant color, but this one has more of blue hint to it!! I checked for other shades of this variant, but couldn't find anything as eye-catching as this one!!

Let's see how this one looks on me!!!

Unlike Flormar Super shine, this one streaks with the first coat, but second coat makes it creamy!! With third coat it gives dazzling finish!!!

This is with 3 coats of nail polish with flash

 I had taken a few pics in the natural light as well.. But wait, I wanted some drama on my nails!!! Got my konad stamps but couldn't  get my nails stamped and failed at each attempt miserably.. And the only nail art tool that I have at the moment is a tooth pick!! Did some dots here and there to form a okayish nail art.. I know its a little shabby and imperfect - but I am still learning!! One day maybe I'll turn out to be a Nail Art Guru like you guys:) Let me stop here and let you guys see the swatches..

Like I said, not so perfect nail art!!!

A more clearer pic of the nail art and the shade!!!!!

Now you can actually see the mess ups here and there!!!

Overall, I love this color mainly because of my uniqueness.. The shade looks so different!! It will suit all skin tones ( tried and tested :P). Perfect shade for nail art, I think!

The only con that I find is the Nomenclature of these nail paint.. You can see for yourself its not matte!!! A real matte version of it may look like Avon's Violetta, I think.. Feedback welcome!!!

I love Flormar's brushes. They have long wand and thick bristles.. I forgot to mention this in my last post!!! A big pro for me!!!!

If I have to rate this nail polish, I will give it 3.75/5. -1 for the deceiving name and -0.25 for one con that I had mentioned in my last post -  Staining!!  Not deducting 1 point like in my last post coz this one didn't stain my nails this time.. I used base coat!! Still unsure about how this would react without a base coat!!!

Once again, thank you so much for your constant support and motivation.. Please do comment and let me know your views about the post .. I would love to hear them!!

Finally one of our fellow bloggers Preetha of  Rendezvous with colours is celebrating her birthday today!!! Please stop by to wish her!!!

Will catch you guys in my next post.

Take care!!!



Thursday, 17 May 2012

Flormar Super Shine Nail Polish - Shade 11

Heylo Girlies...

Hope all are doing good.. I am doing great and it feel sooo good to see this blog growing.. Thank you all for stopping by and showing your love!!

Today, I would be reviewing one other "International" yet not so famous nail polish!!! "Flormar" is a Turkish cosmetic brand and new U stores promote them in India.. I did a post on Flormar haul earlier  and have already reviewed a different variant of Flormar super-shine nail polish , which you can see here. They offer wide range of nail polishes like Super shine, Super-matte ( not really matte but creamy ones), Neons, Nail art polishes, magnetic polishes and normal finish ones!!!

The shade under review is Flormar Super-shine in Shade 11.. It's a bright pink shade with glitters in it., plus some berry under tones :) I initially didn't pick this one up thinking it would be too bright for my skin tone, but my BFE suggested this. I picked it up without any second thoughts ( I rarely have second thoughts when it comes to nail polishes!!)

Let's see some pics to get an idea about the shade!!!

Like I said, its a bright pink shade, but I love the quality of the nail paint.. The color is very intense and very pigmented.. The polish doesn't streak and the shows the actual color in single swipe!!! Plus it's toluene free!!! Doesn't take ages to dry, dries pretty quickly.. What else do you need from a nail paint?? There is one other plus point, the cost of this nail polish is 70 INR!!!! Isn't it amazing??? I love this nail paint to the core and have a few other as well.. Will review them soon!!!
Let's see how this nail polish looks on me!!!

2 coats of nail polish  with flash


a more clearer pic
One other pic...

this one was taken in natural light
Overall, it's a beautiful bright pink shade that doesn't look gaudy.. Will look the best on fair skin tones!!! And a perfect bridal wear!!!

Let's talk about the pros and cons of this nail polish!!!

The Yay factors:

1. Super affordable at 70 INR
2. Good color range
3. Extremely good quality
4. Highly pigmented and intense, gives one swipe perfect finish.
5. Doesn't streak..
6. Toluene free

Let's talk about the cons.

I know I have been blabbing and jabbering so much about the good factors of this nail polish but there are a very few but big cons as well..

1. Availablility, they are available only at newU stores
2. Now comes the big one, It stains the nails if used without a base coat!!! A really big con for lazy bums like me :(

To sum up, it's a great nail paint and a must have... Cheap yet super quality!! For those who haven't heard about new U stores , check this link out: NewU Store Locator.. I know a lot of us might not like the staining part of it, but works great with a base coat.. I am currently using Oriflame's crystal base and top coat..

Well, see you guys in my next post.. Have fun till then..

Do comment if you stop by and let me know on what can be done to improve the quality of my posts!!!!

Have fun till then!!!

P.S: I usually take my pics indoors, but recently saw a post on wise she by Erica, got impressed by her pics and copied her shtyle!!! Eric, You have an official fan!!!

The background you see in these pictures is the bark of a coconut tree!!!



Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Colorbar - Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Review

Hey ,

I have been posting about NOTD's and nail polish swatches only since I started my blog.. But there is one product that all nail polish owners have, to be more precise they "will" have!! Yes, you read it right, Nail Polish Remover!!! I used Lakme's Nail Enamel remover for a very long time. But I did realize that I used up a lot of product and one bottle didn't last for more than 1.5 weeks ( with me changng NP almost everyday)!!! Then I switched on to Street wear and not very happy with that one as well..

Today's review would be about my favorite nail polish remover that does its job perfectly and lasts longer!! Its from Colorbar.. This is my second bottle, actually third.. After my first one got over, I bought my second one which was similar to Lakme one but not as good as the one under review!!!!

Colorbar - Acetone free nail polish remover
Firstly I love acetone free nail remover and make sure not to buy any NP remover with that ingredient.. Because, I had suffered severe nail staining and breakage.. I am unsure about what Vitamin B5 or Vitamin E does (Lakme and Hip Hop's Claim), but this one does a pretty good job of removing NP..

See for yourself..

I had applied 3 coats of Flormar nail enamel, this one has mild glitters in it!!! Will be reviewing this product soon!!

I had poured 4-5 drops of the nail polish remover on to a cotton wool and wrapped around my nail. Best way to remove glittery nail polishes, hold for 5 seconds and swipe it off!!

3 coats of Flormar nail polish

And here we go.. Voila!!! Clean nail. ( not actually, left some glitter behind, which the next swipe took care off!!!

After one swipe!!!!

Now, talking about the cost, it 125 INR for 110 ml, which is better than Lakme - it is 60 INR for 40 ml now...

This has Jasmine kind of smell, I cannot explain it though, I don't like it, nor do I detest it!! I am not adding this as a con, need your inputs here!!

The only con that I find in this one is the nozzle/dropper... It's not very sturdy and breaks!!!!  Hope that gets better soon!!!

I would recommend this to all my readers!!

Will meet you in my next post..

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Essie Nail Polish - Buy me a Cameo

Hey Everyone,

I am back with a new post again.. I usually review Indian brands, but this time the product under review is  the most popular "phoren" brand  Essie... Whenever I watched you tube videos about home manicure, nail arts etc, I used to wonder when these brands would be available here!! Thanks to online shopping, that most of the sites have international brands from OPI, China Glaze, Essie and even Zoya are accessible.. UT has all 4 of them now :) Just that are a little expensive for a nail polish (500 INR for one nail polish, I can get 5 Colorbar/Revlon/ Maybelline).. But I always wanted to have atleast one from these brands.. So you can expect to see reviews of international brands soon :)

Talking about Essie, it costs around 450 INR at Urban Touch and 475 INR at But I got mine at a blog sale for 200 INR

The Shade under review is Essie's "Buy me a Cameo"

Buy me a cameo

Buy me a cameo is beautiful shade suitable for daily office wear.. You can go for this if you don't want any drama on your nails and prefer neatly manicured nails, may be for an interview or so..  I am sure this will suit all skin tones :)

It looks a little pink here, but it has brown undertones.. Gawwddd!! I am unable to explain the color.. I think I can sum it up to light brown color with bronze touch which has pearly finish.. Please correct me if I am wrong also comment if you know how to explain the shade :)

A few more pics should explain..

I love the nail polish mainly for the texture and finish.. There are few things that I unlike.. Read on..

I expected a flat brush, what I got was a thin normal brush.. The application goes a little streaky which is kinda okay for pearly and shimmery nail polishes, but would ruin the mani for a creamy finish nail paint!!!

Overall, I am very happy with the product as such and will add may 1 or 2 Essies to my collection.. I am not very sure about lasting power , I am not gonna keep them for a long time and I am expecting my UT parcel anytime.. I am sooo excited to stamp my nails :)

One other pic :

Once again guys, thanks for your comments and support.. It really means a lot to me and encourages to do at-least 1 blog post per day...

Please do let you know your comments and feedback.. Also let me know if you'd like me to swatch any shade for you.. Will be more than happy to do that.

Have fun and keep smiling..