Thursday, 17 May 2012

Flormar Super Shine Nail Polish - Shade 11

Heylo Girlies...

Hope all are doing good.. I am doing great and it feel sooo good to see this blog growing.. Thank you all for stopping by and showing your love!!

Today, I would be reviewing one other "International" yet not so famous nail polish!!! "Flormar" is a Turkish cosmetic brand and new U stores promote them in India.. I did a post on Flormar haul earlier  and have already reviewed a different variant of Flormar super-shine nail polish , which you can see here. They offer wide range of nail polishes like Super shine, Super-matte ( not really matte but creamy ones), Neons, Nail art polishes, magnetic polishes and normal finish ones!!!

The shade under review is Flormar Super-shine in Shade 11.. It's a bright pink shade with glitters in it., plus some berry under tones :) I initially didn't pick this one up thinking it would be too bright for my skin tone, but my BFE suggested this. I picked it up without any second thoughts ( I rarely have second thoughts when it comes to nail polishes!!)

Let's see some pics to get an idea about the shade!!!

Like I said, its a bright pink shade, but I love the quality of the nail paint.. The color is very intense and very pigmented.. The polish doesn't streak and the shows the actual color in single swipe!!! Plus it's toluene free!!! Doesn't take ages to dry, dries pretty quickly.. What else do you need from a nail paint?? There is one other plus point, the cost of this nail polish is 70 INR!!!! Isn't it amazing??? I love this nail paint to the core and have a few other as well.. Will review them soon!!!
Let's see how this nail polish looks on me!!!

2 coats of nail polish  with flash


a more clearer pic
One other pic...

this one was taken in natural light
Overall, it's a beautiful bright pink shade that doesn't look gaudy.. Will look the best on fair skin tones!!! And a perfect bridal wear!!!

Let's talk about the pros and cons of this nail polish!!!

The Yay factors:

1. Super affordable at 70 INR
2. Good color range
3. Extremely good quality
4. Highly pigmented and intense, gives one swipe perfect finish.
5. Doesn't streak..
6. Toluene free

Let's talk about the cons.

I know I have been blabbing and jabbering so much about the good factors of this nail polish but there are a very few but big cons as well..

1. Availablility, they are available only at newU stores
2. Now comes the big one, It stains the nails if used without a base coat!!! A really big con for lazy bums like me :(

To sum up, it's a great nail paint and a must have... Cheap yet super quality!! For those who haven't heard about new U stores , check this link out: NewU Store Locator.. I know a lot of us might not like the staining part of it, but works great with a base coat.. I am currently using Oriflame's crystal base and top coat..

Well, see you guys in my next post.. Have fun till then..

Do comment if you stop by and let me know on what can be done to improve the quality of my posts!!!!

Have fun till then!!!

P.S: I usually take my pics indoors, but recently saw a post on wise she by Erica, got impressed by her pics and copied her shtyle!!! Eric, You have an official fan!!!

The background you see in these pictures is the bark of a coconut tree!!!




  1. Haina!! It looks so different as well :)

  2. nice shade.....but can we get it in india ? or v have to order it ?

  3. You get it here in India, in new U outlets/ Mega mart has them mostly.. Check this link to see where you can get it in your city :

  4. Hi Amrin
    Awesome shade!!!I really like it .May i know do you write blog for others. If u ,
    can you write blog For Viviana(Cosmetics Brand),we provide you a beauty gifthamper from Viviana .if you are interested please contact me at this email id

  5. Hellos..this is a super pretty following u too..very nice blog..way to go..:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Preetha, you have a nice blog too!!!

  6. i want flormar!!i i dont get in mumbai!! :( i left some tips for u on my blog..was typing thru cell when u commented..couldnt follow u here then

    1. Thanks for the tips Kej!!! will try again.. mekko rona aa raha tha, when my attempts failed miserably!!

  7. Thats a lovely shade... i need to chek if have any store near by *.*

  8. hey Amrin.. liked ur nails (short and trimmed) and the color too.. i have a nail paint from this range and indeed it is good :)

    1. Thank you babe.. Short nails are a result of one nail breaking :P

  9. Pink is always beautiful! ^_^ Great review Amrin :) New U stores are easily accessible to me :D I'll try asap :)
    Namita <3

  10. such a prettyy pretttty shade...

  11. Hi All

    I am Amol Kolhatkar from Hena Enterprises

    We have been appointed by FLORMAR COSMETICS, TURKEY as its Official Representatives in India with a mandate to make these products available on Pan-India basis. The FLORMAR Products are being launched in India from 1st of August, 2012 and would be avilable in stores near you. In the meantime, if you would like to order the products, you can get in touch with us on:
    Flormar India
    4279, Sector23-A, Near ITM University,
    Gurgaon - 122017, Haryana
    Ph: +91 9810581578 / 8285023379

    1. Wow.. Flormar launched in India??? I am super duper happy.. I dont have to travel 15 km to get flormar now!! yayy!

  12. does it contain dbp and formaldehyde?


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