Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Colorbar Nail polish - Exclusive 67

Hello Gals,

I would like to start this post with a biiiig Thank you!!!! This is my 41st post and I have 41 followers on my blog as of now ! What an irony!

I had started this blog almost a year back and had no time for posting and blogging ( mainly because of laziness). I got into serious blogging almost a month back.. I started this month with 4 followers out of which one was my cousin ;) And today, almost end of this month - I have 41 followers.. Yayyyy!!!  And six blog awards.. Yet to post them though.. Thank you gals for your awards and love :)

Once again "Thank you for making this a success". 

I also want to announce here that I am planning to host a giveaway once I reach 50 followers.. This would be a mini one though.. You can expect a big bash for a century.. lol. Please feel free to suggest on what would you like to win here...  Let's make this a success as usual :)

Let's actually proceed to the actual review part of this post

By now , most you must be knowing my craze for pink and purples.. I have a very few browns in my collection, this one among them..  The shade under review today is , a brown shade - to be more precise a toffee colored shade. This is named - Exclusive 67

This is a sober brown that gets creamy and glossy upon application. A normal everyday wear - a shade that a even a non nail paint lover would like...

And this one has a flat brush as well- Bingo!

The cost of this nail polish is 150 INR

And this is how this looks on me:

Sorry for the low quality pics, these were taken indoors with flashlight - the shade looks the same in natural light as well.

Let's talk about the yay's and the nay's

<3 Nice color pay off, doesn't streak - gives creamy finish
<3  Easily available
<3 Affordable
<3 Stays on 3-4 days with topcoat on

:( Lasts only for 2 days without topcoat
:( Takes forever to dry

I will rate it 3.5/5. If you are someone who doesn't want much drama on your nails - you can go for this one..

Will meet you guys in my next post. Please don't forget to mention on what would you like to win for the giveaway that is coming soon :)




  1. For giveaway ....I always like nailpaints.....this is a very pretty brown color...:)

    1. Hehe.. What else would nail paint addict ask for,:-P

  2. Amrin its really very diff and very sober look:) and as u r addicted to nail paints u can give nail paints only in ur giveaway, hope i win it he he he:)

    1. Yes u can opt somethin from maybelline or lakme, i heard thats really good.

  3. nice nude it a lot...

  4. lovely shade Amrin.. I am also a huge nail paint lover and i am also planning a 150 follower giveaway coz i was super busy when i hit century..<3 <3 looking forward for your giveaway <3

  5. Nice shade Amrin. A set of mini nail paints wud be fab for the mini giveaway :-)

  6. Just joined you.and am glad girl :))
    Love all you art.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Eshna, you have a beautiful blog :)

  7. I like muted shades in general:)

  8. nice nude shade thanks fr d review

  9. i Have this shade..Though i barely wear it..Im more of a in ur face type of NP shade kinda gal hee hee..Liked ur review..especially the fact that u swatch n review easily available nail paint brands

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome here.. I started this blog with the same intention.. We don't have many Indian Nail polish blogs :)

    2. thank you..:)..yes u barely get to read reviews of NPs.....oh n i have a suggestion too for ur giveaway..i think it'll be cool if u gave some nail art tools :)


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