Thursday, 3 May 2012

Street Wear Nail Polish - Tinted Gold

Hello Everyone...

Today I would be reviewing about a Street wear nail polish.. Street wear was one of my favorite brands when I was in college .. I had a couple of their lipsticks with a transparent case and a mirror on it, a few lip glosses .. After I was exposed to other brands like Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon etc, I never looked at Street wear.

A few months ago, I had reviewed the teeny tiny street wear nail polishes.. I found them good for the price.. I liked the old ones better ( The slim elongated bottles).. Back then I didn't have nails ( I used to bite them) and had only one in Aqua marine for my toe nails..

The shade under review today us Street wear Nail polish in "Tinted Gold"

Top View _ So that you can see the shade name :)

Front view :)

It's a beautiful golden shade with fine shimmery particles in it..  I also find it to be reflecting berryish tint and it looked amazing on my silk saree :)

The brush is Okay, not very long but sturdy.. I felt the bristles were a little not in place.. Wish they had a wider brush that would make the application a lot easier :)

Wish the brush was more dramatic

So here are the swatches:

Hope you can see the red/maroon/berry colored tint

with 3 coats of nail polish on

A more closer look:

Cool Gold Shade
I was always a little scared on carrying gold on my nails because of my skin tone, but I am sure this one will suit most of our ladies...

I hadn't kept it on for more than a day coz I had a meeting with my dept's Director the next day and didn't wanna go with golden nails..

May be  I will update the same post if  I decide to wear it again and keep them on for a longer time...

Please leave in your comments, it will inspire me to write more reviews/ swatches for you guys..

Also please let me know if you need me to swatch you any shade, I would be more than happy to do that.




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