Thursday, 3 May 2012

Amway Nail polish - Crimson Storm

Hello Everyone..

This review is about Amway's nail polish in Crimson Storm.. Amway is an MLM company that is fmaous for their medicinal products, protein powder etc. I heard about their nail polishes almost a year ago, when one of my mother's friend had gifted it to me when she knew about my nail polish craze ( marketing strategy a.k.a free sample) I was not much impressed with the nail polish that time, why? It chipped the very next day.. I never looked behind Amway for nail polishes since then..

Recently, Shivani had posted a review on IMBB and had mentioned that it stayed on for 4 days... I was placing order for some stuff one ebay and found a deal where you get 4 nail polishes for 400, where one is around Rs. 135. I instantly placed an order I received the package after 2 weeks and found only 3 nail polishes in their.. The one that I raved for the most was not shipped. I contacted the seller who never replied until I gave a negative feedback and refunded my money though.. So that was my story about Amway.. And here is the actual review:

I had purchased 3 nail paints actually, Crimson storm, Nutty brown, Honey Glaze... I liked all 3 shades, I wanted to try out the crimson shade as I don 't usually carry Maroons and cran's unless for some occasion

The product being reviewed:

For some reason, I am unable to get this bottle straight.. Please excuse the rotated image..

Here are the swatches:

This is such a beautiful shade and can be worn on traditional Indian occasions... There are micro shimmers that makes it an "Indian Shade"


3 coats of Nail polish

A more detailed picture, I have this image with flash on as well.. My cam was not catching the actual color without flash :)

The shade is not a lot different without flash

This is how it looked after 2 days...

Third day - No chipping at all

Overall, I am happy with Amway's nail polishes now.. They are quite good in terms on pigmentation and staying power.. I will be buying more shades as and when I find a rep..

The Yay's and Nay's....

Yay Points:

<3 I had gotten it for almost 100 bucks, I wouldn't crib much... The quality is awesome.
<3 Excellent pigmentation
<3 Super staying power.. Chip resistant for 3 days...

Nay Points:

:( Available only through a rep
:( Not many shades available...

I would be repurchasing other shades and this one as well for my bride to be SIL :)

Will catch you on another review..

Until then, tada...



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