Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Colorbar Nail Polish - Exclusive 15

Hello Girls,

I am back with a nail polish post again, but this time unlike pinks and purples, it's green... Yayy!!!  I picked this one up in my recent  H&G haul that I had mentioned.. I was looking out for some cool shade for this summer and I spotted this one!!

Colorbar Exclusive - 15

This is a beautiful mint to sea green shade and found this to be super cool for summers..  I usually hesitate before picking up greens, thinking if it might not suit me, but when I saw this baby, I was certain that this will add up to my collection.. I had one similar shade from Chambor - but gave it to my maid's daughter :P I don't like Chambor's nail polishes for some reason - maybe I'll find a nail polish that I'll adore from this brand soon!! Need your inputs here... And yeah - I am not defaming the brand, they have really amazing products..

The cost of this nail polish is 150 INR

 A few more swatches for you!!!


Well, my cuticles are still like this!! Dry, rough and torn.. I know I get soooo brainy at times, that i get brilliant ideas like cutting dry cuticle.. I repent for doing so!!!

Colorbar Exclusive 15

 I wish these ones had names instead of numbers.. So, what would you name this shade??

Now, let's come to the pros and cons of this nail paint..

<3 I love the brush , typically "my type flat brush" - If the brush wasn't flat, I'd have never picked this up.
<3 Easily available
<3 Affordable
<3 Doesn't streak - 3 coats gives a creamy finish!!
<3 I had worn this for 3 days and this didn't chip ( with a top coat)

There are no Nay's as such... This one has a flat brush but a few other shades don't.. Colorbar - please give us flat brushes!!!

One thing I seriously don't understand with Colorbar nail polishes  is the price difference between the black cap and silver cap nail polishes.. The quality, quantity , brush remain the same.. No change at all.. Gals, any idea why????

Time to sign-off..

Please do let me know your comments.. I really feel nice to read them.. Like I always say, I get motivated and encouraged when I see a new comment/follower :) Please leave me a comment when you stop by, you'd make my day :)

See you gals in my next post - most possibly tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned..




  1. Wow.. This is nice review.. :) Am your new follower now

    1. Thank you so much Lancy! I am glad you liked it!

  2. nice review....this would definitely be my next purchase...yayyy !!!!

  3. i used another shade from the same range n it started chipping in 2 days
    but without top coat
    by d way d shade is a fresh wave in summers loved it

    1. I did have some chipping with the a different shade ( Exlusive 67) which did chip without a top coat!!

  4. hi....dear..nice review and nice shade too

  5. very pretty shade...i have other colors in this range but this is ery lovely...:)

  6. Nice shade amreen, will try this soon.

  7. I can't believe I never heard about this brand. I like this kind of shades very much:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! I am unsure if this is available internationally - though they have named their product Colorbar - USA

  8. such a pretty shade amrin..:) very summery .:)

    1. Thank you so much Niesha!!! I am glad you like it <3

  9. such a beautiful shade amrin...i loveeee mint colours...u have such a wonderful blog!!!gud luck


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