Sunday, 13 May 2012

NOTD Revlon - Steel her Heart

Hello Everyone...

I am back again with another post, this time actual nail polish post, At last!!! Today, I would be reviewing a Revlon nail polish in the shade "Steel her heart"..

I don't own a lot of Revlon nail polishes because I find their brushes to be thin and they don't dry fast.. I had visited one of the departmental store for my grocery shopping and found this one.. I picked this up instantly, the shade was too different and I loved it!!!

Revlon - Steel her heart

This is a very different metallic shade, between black and grey with no shimmer or glitters in it. I still don't know how to explain this color..  I think it would be better if you see them for yourself :)

Here are the swatches:

Closeup shot

A few more...

Steel her heart

This one started chipping after 3 days, not sooo good factor:) But didn't feel like doing another manicure, so topped up the mani with polkas.. Not that perfect (Ran out of toothpicks and my dotting tools are on their way from Cheeeena :D)..

Polka dots

Hope you can see something beyond my mehndi :P

Talking about the pros and cons of the shade, Revlon has good shades of nail polishes, from pearl, creamy, shimmery to metallic ones. They are affordable at 140 INR except for the speedy dry ones that cost 210 INR, which I prefer over the normal ones.

The only con that I find in all Revlon nail polishes that made me hate all revlon nail polishes is their BRUSH..Thin small brush makes application really really difficult.

Overall, I love this nail color and will definitely repurchase.. Talking about rating, I will rate it 3.75/5, -1 for the brush and -.5 for the slow drying nature of the nail polishes

Will catch you all in my next post..  Take care till then..




  1. thats a pretty shade loved it

  2. very very beautiful amrin...n the nail art is simple and cute....

  3. Thankies Pavs.. This is a copy cat nail art.. I am not sure if it was you or Upsi who had poste!! Blue base, dark blue and white dots :P

    1. Confirmed.. Thanks for posting the nail art on wise she!! Got registered deep in my brain :P


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