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Flormar Super Matte Nail Enamel - Shade M106

Hello Ladies...

Hope you are all doing good!! I am really overwhelmed by your love and response to  my posts!! So, here  I begin with a thank you note!!  

                                                          Thank You Guys!!!!!

Today, I will be reviewing one other variant of the Flormar nail polishes that I hauled recently!! The shade under review today is from the variant of flomar nail polishes -  Flormar Super Matte Nail Enamel in Shade M106, I think M stands for "Matte"...

So, let's see what this Matte nail polish has in store for us.. Firstly deceiving name!!! Yes, It's not matte but creamy!!!! So ladies, if you have any plans of buying Flormar online, let me warn you, don't get deceived!!!! I had bought this from a store knowing the fact that it's not matte.. Not much of a disappointment for me.. Let's see the actual review of this nail paint!!!

Like I had mentioned in my earlier posts, I had picked up Flormar nail polishes from a Mega Mart outlet.. And these were stored in a stand with nail polishes scattered and not neatly organized actually it was a mess... I had to actually search and pick my shades ( looking for a unique shade each time is a big task for me.), mainly because I hate having exact same shade from different companies.. Unless its a dupe of a high end brand!!!

This beautiful color caught my attention and noway I was to leave it behind.. See the shade for yourself to get some idea of what am I talking about!!!

Flormar - Shade M 106  

 I have a couple of purples but most of them are of egg plant color, but this one has more of blue hint to it!! I checked for other shades of this variant, but couldn't find anything as eye-catching as this one!!

Let's see how this one looks on me!!!

Unlike Flormar Super shine, this one streaks with the first coat, but second coat makes it creamy!! With third coat it gives dazzling finish!!!

This is with 3 coats of nail polish with flash

 I had taken a few pics in the natural light as well.. But wait, I wanted some drama on my nails!!! Got my konad stamps but couldn't  get my nails stamped and failed at each attempt miserably.. And the only nail art tool that I have at the moment is a tooth pick!! Did some dots here and there to form a okayish nail art.. I know its a little shabby and imperfect - but I am still learning!! One day maybe I'll turn out to be a Nail Art Guru like you guys:) Let me stop here and let you guys see the swatches..

Like I said, not so perfect nail art!!!

A more clearer pic of the nail art and the shade!!!!!

Now you can actually see the mess ups here and there!!!

Overall, I love this color mainly because of my uniqueness.. The shade looks so different!! It will suit all skin tones ( tried and tested :P). Perfect shade for nail art, I think!

The only con that I find is the Nomenclature of these nail paint.. You can see for yourself its not matte!!! A real matte version of it may look like Avon's Violetta, I think.. Feedback welcome!!!

I love Flormar's brushes. They have long wand and thick bristles.. I forgot to mention this in my last post!!! A big pro for me!!!!

If I have to rate this nail polish, I will give it 3.75/5. -1 for the deceiving name and -0.25 for one con that I had mentioned in my last post -  Staining!!  Not deducting 1 point like in my last post coz this one didn't stain my nails this time.. I used base coat!! Still unsure about how this would react without a base coat!!!

Once again, thank you so much for your constant support and motivation.. Please do comment and let me know your views about the post .. I would love to hear them!!

Finally one of our fellow bloggers Preetha of  Rendezvous with colours is celebrating her birthday today!!! Please stop by to wish her!!!

Will catch you guys in my next post.

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  1. this shade looks awesome on your hands...and the nail art is cute too...where did you get your dotting tool from ??

  2. Hey thanks prayati.. I don't any doting tools as of yet. Waiting for a package from eBay

  3. Oh this looks so cute n easy peasy..AMRIN!

    Nice work <3

  4. following u this shade and ur art is too pretty to be ignored

  5. Beautiful shade Amrin ....lovely elegant nail art....

  6. oh my my...its one of my favourite shades.....awesome !!

    1. Hehehe.. I love purples and pink!! OMG, I am such a girlie girl!!!

  7. This shade looks great on you :)
    I too bought a red shade in this brand and was sorely disappointed.Its not matte at all and chips so soon after applying them :(

    1. Ohhh!! I have swatched/reviewed one in red as well, the shade is cool - but its not matte!!! that's fa;se promise!!!


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