Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Colorbar - Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Review

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I have been posting about NOTD's and nail polish swatches only since I started my blog.. But there is one product that all nail polish owners have, to be more precise they "will" have!! Yes, you read it right, Nail Polish Remover!!! I used Lakme's Nail Enamel remover for a very long time. But I did realize that I used up a lot of product and one bottle didn't last for more than 1.5 weeks ( with me changng NP almost everyday)!!! Then I switched on to Street wear and not very happy with that one as well..

Today's review would be about my favorite nail polish remover that does its job perfectly and lasts longer!! Its from Colorbar.. This is my second bottle, actually third.. After my first one got over, I bought my second one which was similar to Lakme one but not as good as the one under review!!!!

Colorbar - Acetone free nail polish remover
Firstly I love acetone free nail remover and make sure not to buy any NP remover with that ingredient.. Because, I had suffered severe nail staining and breakage.. I am unsure about what Vitamin B5 or Vitamin E does (Lakme and Hip Hop's Claim), but this one does a pretty good job of removing NP..

See for yourself..

I had applied 3 coats of Flormar nail enamel, this one has mild glitters in it!!! Will be reviewing this product soon!!

I had poured 4-5 drops of the nail polish remover on to a cotton wool and wrapped around my nail. Best way to remove glittery nail polishes, hold for 5 seconds and swipe it off!!

3 coats of Flormar nail polish

And here we go.. Voila!!! Clean nail. ( not actually, left some glitter behind, which the next swipe took care off!!!

After one swipe!!!!

Now, talking about the cost, it 125 INR for 110 ml, which is better than Lakme - it is 60 INR for 40 ml now...

This has Jasmine kind of smell, I cannot explain it though, I don't like it, nor do I detest it!! I am not adding this as a con, need your inputs here!!

The only con that I find in this one is the nozzle/dropper... It's not very sturdy and breaks!!!!  Hope that gets better soon!!!

I would recommend this to all my readers!!

Will meet you in my next post..

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