Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lotus Nail Polish - Mahogany

Hello Everyone,

By know,  most of you would have gotten to know about my pink and purple obsession.. Most of my nail polishes are of these shades, though I don't limit myself to any color as such :)

Today's review would be about a brand that I had never reviewed about - neither do I own a lot of shades from them ( not that  I dislike them).  

Lotus - They make very good nail polishes at very affordable prices and have good collection of shades..  I do remember passing by Lotus counters once upon a time  and getting confused if they were selling nail polishes or foundations in nail paint like bottle.. But their Colour Dew version has many attractive shades.. I did fall for a few  but I don't buy them because I find it difficult to arrange them in my storage area.. Again, this is a personal choice ( not bad mouthing about the brand )

The shade under review today is 943- Mahogany.. It's a beautiful plum/grape shade (OMG! I am so bad at explaining shades). I picked this one up because I was looking for a shade that I could carry for meetings, interviews and stuff like that..

I got this nail polish for INR 90

So, have a look at the shade:

I love their unique bottle design.. Slim and long, which means I get a long brush!!! Yayyy!!

And this is how 3 coats of Lotus Colour Dew Nail Enamel looks on me :)

Like I said - This shade is perfect for everyday wear.. Looks too subtle and compliments your skin tone.. I love applying this on my feet.. Goes well with most of your outfits!!!

Talking about the quality of the nail polish, they are Toluene and DBP Free.. And you get so much for 90 INR??  Isn't that great.. There's more.. The color is intense and pigmented, gives you a creamy finish. Doesn't streak at all..  I love their long brushes.. Makes my job easier - especially while painting toes..

It does stay for 3-5 days with top coat on my arms.. Chips a little on toes - but shine last forever without any touch ups...  But the other shades of this brand do chip a little after 2-3 days!!! A few after a day..

Let's see about the Yay's and Nay's..

<3 Love their bottle
<3 Affordable
<3 Toluene and DBP free
<3 Nice color range and highly pigmented color
<3 Long brush.
<3 Lasts longer

There are no cons as such!!!

But hold on, I mentioned earlier that I don't buy these nail paints often.. But why?

I do love their bottle design, but I find them very fragile and delicate.. I did break 2-3 bottles just by dropping it down!! Not that I don't take care of my bottles, but I usually slip only Lotus nail polish bottles and break them.. Maybe it's just luck factor or I am cursed!! Who cursed me?? Aaarggghhhh!!! This was the last I had and my fault - I kept it on the bed and my bro dropped it :( I really feel disheartened when a nail polish bottle breaks.. So decided not to buy them until I find the most perfect way to store them.. Need your input guys!!!

I would rate it 4.5/5 (-0.5 because the other variants chip a little after 2-3 days )

At last, me wearing a ring presented by my aunt :) It's really difficult to find a ring for my big fat fingers.. And this is a silver ring with rubies :) Thank you Ammi Khala!!

Lotus - Mahogany

Note: This pic was taken after 3 days of application and without touch ups!!

Will catch you all in my next post.. Till then , keep commenting and support by following!!!




  1. wow...great shade....i never knew lotus makes nail polishes too.....thanks for the review...and the ring is damn pretty :)

  2. thats a lovely purple shade Amrin.. i loved it <3 <3

  3. i totally agree with ur review they are so good nail enamels

    1. Haina!!! They are too good.. I had 5, now left with none :(

  4. i love lotus nail paints packaging..vl try soon

    1. Do try.. Also bring brands that aren't available here and host a blog sale

  5. lovely shade . .and loved your ring :)

  6. Wow very pretty:), my fav shade.

  7. beautiful shade amrin...wud be gr8 for nail art!!

    1. Thanks Pavani.. I was not too sure if this can go well with any kinda art.. Will definitely try!!!

  8. Thanks for following me! Love how the polish and ring compliment each other. :) Following you back! <3

  9. This is like real pretty color... :) luved it ;) wud pick it up myself :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Nids.. Thank you so much for your comments :)


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