Thursday, 3 May 2012

Maybelline Coloroma - Nude

Hello Everyone...

Today I would be reviewing about my recent love - Maybelline Coloroma's Nude... I am totally in love with this shade, a beautiful pink shade that would suit our Indian skin tones:)

Like I had mentioned, this is a beautiful pink that would suit you the best. Be it informal and casual attire.. It's a warm pink, that you'll fall in love with :)

Coloroma Cremosa in Nude

Here are the swatches:

With 3 coats on

Finished Manicure ( with top coat)
What I love the most in MB Coloroma nail polishes is their brush.. A long brush that make application easier and less messier... These nail polishes dry quickly, no hassle of waiting for a long time to get them dried so that you carry on with other work...

At the last, to it sum it up the yay's and the nay's.

<3 Easily available.
<3 Total worth for money ( Rs. 85)
<3 Dries really fast, a very good applicator and the brush...

The Nays

:( The cons are common for the entire range, the polish is sheer and you need multiple coats to get the actual color on...

 :( Chips/ Peels in 2-3 days.. Not a big con for me though :)

Will catch you soon with another swatch/review post../ Take care till then.. Let me know your comments and feedback..



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