Friday, 27 April 2012

Maybelline Coloroma - Caramello

Hello Everyone...

This is another swatch post on Maybelline coloroma in Caramello..

I have very less time for posting new stuff on my blog, mainly because I am doing night shifts, will be doing for the next month :( :( . I have no time for anything except for sleep sleep sleep :zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

So, though I would post some at one go to compensate not posting at all :D

Today, I would be reviewing, Coloroma's Caramello..

Here are the pics:

The main sticker was not centred, I tried my talents but it took half the print
This is cool brown color, I have enough browns but this one had teeny tiny shimmer that I fell in love with.

I felt this has the same con of Coral Chic, color pay off, I hate these ones, coz I use up a lot of the product to get the actual color.

with 4 coats
 Like I said, I dont regret of getting this brown., this one is amazing... I've never had a brown with shimmers :)

More closer look

This is indeed a cool color and I am totally in love with it.. I think the color pay off is a strategy so that the product gets over soon and we buy them again.. lol.. I can go to any heights of craziness :P

This was fresh for a day and the next day, I topped it up with a glittery top coat..

The top coat made it a super cute manicure....

The pros and cons are pretty much the same.. Think they will be for most of the coloroma's except for cremeso range...

Please let me know about your feedback and comments by clicking on the comment button...

Will catch you soon...



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