Saturday, 7 April 2012

Flormar Nail polish - Shade 12 review

Hello Everyone,

Today I would be reviewing Flormar Supershine nail polishes that I had mentioned about in my previous haul post.. This post is about the Flormar super shine nail polish in shade 12.

With 7 extra nail polishes to my vanity, I was thinking about which one to wear first. Since it was the last day of my weekend and had to go on with a little sober/subtle shade , I selected this one.. This one would be perfect for office wear.. This would go with any color attire and looks beautiful..

This is a rusty brown shade that I think would suite all skin tones :)  And like a cherry on the ice cream, it has teeny tiny shimmer, that makes this a wonderful shade to wear.

So, here are the swatches.

With 2 coats:

2- coats of supershine shade 12
With  2 coats you get pretty good coverage and the color look pretty.. I went ahead with a third coat to get the actual color of the nail polish!!

without flash (in dim light)

with flash

Like I had mentioned, the shimmer in the nail polish makes it a cool pretty shade..

And this is how it looked after a top coat:

Overall,  I am very pleased with these nail polishes.. They are super cheap at Rs. 75 and they quality is not compromised either.. Talking about the staying power, I think it's pretty decent.. After 4 days of manicure, it has worn off the tips ( not chipped though!!) I would rate it 4.5/5 :)

Will be reviewing / swatching the other shades from this collection soon!!  Alos please leave in your comments, this would highly motivate me on writing good and efficient posts...



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