Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Guest Post - Wet N Wild Fastdry 237C Gray’s Anatomy

Guest Post by Nina (Hiikkis)

I was wearing originally Essie nailpolish (Bangle Jangle) pretty (light mauve color) but I got bored after 2 days,  it is crème shade with no glitter. And I found new WnW polish on shopping trip :) So I layered it on top of Essie. So there is shimmers, various shades, It looks in sunglight violet color, darker place it is green and some lights pulls out gold tones and silver colors. . It is very interesting combo.

The pinky finger is having O.P.I.'s Metallic for life (from Nicky Minaj collection). It has true GLITTERS, that was 2 coats of it. 

I put 2 coats of WnW and it is still not quite full cover. And it is streaky as you can see in closer photo.

With closer look up you can see that this color has problems... it is streaky and in my opinion it doesn't claim fast dry consept, 2 coats took almost 45 mins to dry enough. I mean that took cellphone and asnwered and got marks from hairs in to other hand.

And I'm sorry that my camera cannot pick all of shades in this polish, tricked it to show greens in here, it is blurry becouse camera don't wanna take pictures that dark.


      It is intresting shade!

      It takes in my opinion too long to dry
      It has strong cent
      It is streaky

Would I buy it again? Yes it is so me :D You can cheer up with thin layer of this almost any nailpolish.

About the Author - Nina (Hiikkis) :

Nina is a mom of 3 wonderful kids who works from home writing for websites including makeup. She hails from Finland , a vivid nail polish lover who loves glittery and shimmery nails!!!

About Nina in her own words:

I'm obsessed with nailpolishes, I don't like creme polishes, I want my nails shimmer and glimmer and usually I like my polish to been seen long! This pictures i have short nails, I had an accident with cardoor (must put that in memo, never take seatbelts until door is fully closed) 

I do some selfemployed jobs writing/updating websites and some times makeups (-LOL

Well, Nina I must say you have super pretty nails and none can comment or complaint that they short for them being well maintained.. And I am personally loving the shade.. Nice to have known you through blogger.. Looking for many more posts from you :)




  1. This is indeed a pretty nail paint Nina.. Nice post.. Welcome to Addicted to Nailpaints :)

  2. Thank you for nice comments, I have had to open this page couple times to get pass that my had is jumping up :D I have seen this same nailpolish layered now at top of black nailpolish and it wicked! But I was asked at home would you next time wear some red polish... and if men notice nails, maybe just maybe I can wear some red one ;)

    1. lol.. You should definitely try red ones.. I was very hesitant to wear a red one that I never had any till I got my Flormar one :) Reds look real good and super hawwtt!!! ;)

  3. hey amrin, since you are a nailpaint expert, can u pls tell me in which brand can i get a really glossy black one? shd be glossy finish, jet black, and affordable too...:)

    1. My favorite is OPI's Black Onyx - which my cousin gifted me.. Talking about the affordable part of it, OPIs are 500 INR... My current favorite is Flormar one, will review it sometime soon... Among Indian brands, try streetwear/revlon!

  4. btw, forget to tell u im following u thru gfc :)

  5. Hiiiii ilove this. I don like boring nail lol great pos im following you hope you follow back ! Xoxo lia www.muahhwhosthatchic.com

  6. Your Nails are beautiful :)
    must say !!
    Joining you!!
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    1. Thanks for joining.. These aren't mine, these are of a lovely lady - Nina!!

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  9. Loooks sooo lovely..me yet to try wet and wild and OPI :(


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