Sunday, 10 June 2012

Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel - Crystal Calm

Hello Girls,

I am sorry that I have been missing for entire one week.. By now, most of you would be knowing that I work for night shifts. But for the entire month of June I will have to work during the day, which has its own disadvantages.. Making your system accept this change is a biiiiiiiiig task.

I think I wouldn't be posting much this month, I would be vacationing for almost 15 days starting 14th of June... And guess what - I haven't started 1% of packing work. Yes, I am lazy!!  I would be travelling to Agra, Delhi, Srinagar - Kashmir and Mumbai :) I need your suggestions on must visit places (shopping of course )

And I have one other news to share with you all.. I won Wise She's NYX blush give away ! Yaayyyy :) And here is the link

Today I would be swatching / reviewing Avon Speedy Dry Nail Polish in shade Crystal Calm.. I have always liked Speedy dry range of Avon Nail Polishes, they are F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C, but I am not much impressed with their Nailwear Pro range ( Good shades but takes forever to dry) and Simply Pretty (have no idea why I don't like them).

Let's get over to the review :)

Image taken at office in my Manager's cabin :)

The shade is beautiful brown with a little bronze hues ( I think). I am sure this will suit all skin tones...

This is how this looks on me.

With flash

One other swatch

Without flash
The ridge you see on my ring finger is as a result of my cuticle trimming exercise, I trimmed the nail !

Let's talk about the Yayy's and Nayy's

<3 Beautiful shade that will suit all skintones.
<3 Flat brush ( this is always a pro, isn't it?)
<3 Intense color - 2 coats and you're done.
<3 Good range of colors.
<3 Dries real fast.

:(  CHIPS, CHIPS and CHIPS.. Didn't last a day without Topcoat !
:( Available only through Avon reps.

If you're a Chennai'te or even from T.N and you're looking for an Avon rep, do get in touch with me on - My friend's sister is an Avon rep and she is the most organized MLM rep I have ever seen.

Will be back with another review soon, you can expect one post a day for this week atleast :)

Take care till then..



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  1. mrin delhi mei dont miss street shopping . .sarojini nagar, lajpat nagar, and the ammmazing ethnic materials in kinari market :)

    1. Sarojini is topping in my list.. Kinari market is new.. Pakka karoongi Rashmi :)

  2. Beautiful color Amrin... looks good on your nails ..:)

  3. hi amrin....nice to see ur post again....the shade looks good...places u can visit in mumbai are...colaba causeway, linking road bandra (for shoes), pheonix mills mall in lower the list is long.....i'l tell if u ever come on google chat...hehe...have fun on ur vacation...enjoy... :)

  4. Congo amrin:) I have 2 shades in this version( grey cement , n violet), lovin your shade as well.

    1. No no Simran.. This is not from the Matte range.. I don't have any Matte NP :(

  5. It's really streaky isn't it... hmmm.

  6. Very pretty shade Amrin....hi when r u in Delhi...I will be in Delhi from 18th to 21 st June ....i am in Delhi now also leaving for hong kong tomorrow....:)

  7. i once ordered the simply pretty NP once n i absolutely hated it..since then i dont order any NPz from avon(though i love their powders)...and while ure in delhi do visit janpath ..ull find amazing junk jewellery and kolapuris there..oh n for Nail polish addict inglot and colorbar at select city mall is a must visit...ull find evry imaginable shade there :)

    1. I soooo badly wanna buy Inglot nailpaints.. They're not available where I live :(

  8. pretty shade ....i like avon :)

    1. Avon products are good.. But I don't like their sister concerns tho. Eg. Simply pretty.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by.. It's pretty indeed

  10. Nice shade Amrin!

    Following your blog. Do checkout my blog


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