Monday, 25 June 2012

Nyx Flakie Nail Polish in Super Funk (NGP 169)

Heylo Ladies,

I am back with the continuation of Jordana Nail Polish - 942 Strawberry Marmalade where I had mentioned about using a flakie glittery nail polish as a top coat.. So, welcome aboard & fasten your seat belts :P  (result of catching 6 flights in 11 days)

The nail polish under review today is from NYX - shade Super Funk, NGP 169.

Doesn't this look like a grape jelly????

I tried to capture the shade name, but couldn't have my camera capture it.. I missed it initially until I saw some blogs mentioning the name of NYX nail paints

And this is how it looked on me..

Aren't the flakes pretty???

I tried clicking pics when the paint was still wet and messed up my pinkie.. Had to redo it..

And this is how the mani looked.. It didn't calm down the flashy pink but manicure stayed intact for 3 days - no chipping whatsoever !

I had bought this from Erica's store  for 200 INR..

How I received the parcel?? It was a biiig tragedy.. I received the courier the night before I left for my tour.. I had informed her that I would need the courier before I leave.. But when I didn't,  I tortured Erica who in turn ripped off the courier guy's happiness so much that I received the courier at 9:45 PM... Unbelievable, isn't it??

Seems like a comedy when you look back but was real headache when all this happened.. Thanks Rick, for the apt response :)

I am not very sure about the pros and cons - this is the first flakie nail polish that I ever applied (first NYX as well)..

Overall, I loved the nail polish and will be buying many more in future :)

See you all in my next post...

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  1. Yaaa tragedy was hilarious, but reached u on time.. So m glad! :D

    Now on m sendin everything via speed post.. and everyone is gettin their parcels within 3-4days or faster than that .So yes v have improved.

    Loved the super funk on u.. damn funky n chic <3

  2. i want to try flaky nail polish too..:)

  3. Hey Arimna I dont see your GFC followers list anymore? How do I follow again? paste me the link please

  4. done! I added you in my Bloggers list!

  5. hmm what is a flaky Np? :\

  6. I have the exact the same polish but the glitter in them are much more than what I see in yours...maybe NYX has changed the formula

    Check it out here

    1. The bottle looks the same indoors.. May be they changed the formula :(

  7. Lovely! This looks amazing <3



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