Monday, 11 June 2012

Colorbar Quick Finish Nail Enamel - Mad over Mauve

Hello Girls,

I think I am going crazy over quick dry nail polishes..  It's been more than 2 months ( I think) that I had bought a normal nail paint.. Maybe this shows the heights of my laziness..I can't wait till my nail polish dries.. Huh!

I have quick dry nail polishes from Streetwear, Avon, Maybelline, Lakme etc., but when I'd seen this one at Health & Glow outlet, I couldn't stop from buying it.. Colorbar is really making good nail polishes and increasing their prices too.. lol

What does Colorbar say about Quick Finish Nail Lacquer?

The Quick Finish Nail Lacquer, with a simple one stroke application gives your nails a glossy salon perfect look in 60 seconds. It is chip resistant and does not yellow your nails. Use it with a base and top coat for a perfect luster. Available in 10 gleaming shades in a 9ml bottle; just the perfect thing for your nails to look manicured at all times.

The shades available are:

  1.  Toast to Pink
  2. Twisted Peach
  3. Bubbly
  4. Fearless Red
  5. Beautiful Pink
  6. Plumtastic
  7. Cappuccino Cup
  8. Mad over Mauve
  9. Rust Lust
  10. Theme for a Dream..
This nail polish costs 195 INR

The shade under review is "Mad over Mauve"

This comes in a 9ml bottle. Looks real cute because of the bottle shape and size.

This comes with a metal cap with short applicator and flat brush :(

Let's see some swatches"

It's a beautiful mauvish purple color.. This will compliment all skin tones - I am 100% certain :)

This is how this looks in natural light.

And this is how this looks under flash..

Nevertheless, the shade looks pretty under natural and artificial light, isn't ??

Let's look at the yayy's and the nayy's

<3 Nice shade
<3 Dries real fast
<3 Good shade range
<3 Intense color
<3 Stayed for 3 days without chipping ( Without topcoat)

:( I hate the brush, wish they had a flat brush
:( Streaks
:( Some may find it expensive ( I kinda do)

Overall, this is a good product, wish they had good brushes.. Good job colorbar!!

I'll rate it 3.5/5, deducting points for the cons..

I'll be off vacationing tomorrow.. You may not see posts for the next 15 days.. But I will try to check my blog occasionally.. Please comment and let me know your feedback ..

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  1. it is really expensive...i'd rather buy an OPI by paying 150 more than buy this....but the shade is nice...

    1. I know.. You get OPI for 350?? Online?? If yes, which site.. I have ek hi ek OPI in russian navy!

    2. i got it from a local store in check out beauty palace in oshiwara when you visit mumbai...they have huge opi collection

  2. Pretty colour . . . but un-pretty price :P

    1. Haha... These days Indian brands are getting so expensive that I wouldn't mind paying a little extra to get a foreign brand.. Lakme quick dry is 185 INR as well :)

  3. very pretty color.. and your nails too Amrin.:)

  4. I prefer avon speed dry, reasonable priced and also wil get discounts n offers..

  5. i dont mind the 195 price tag..lakme costs pretty much the same n colorabar is of better quality...coming back to the nail paint..i love the shade <3..anything in mauve i love :x..though it streaks :(..maybe its with this particular shade..oh n happy vacationing :)..hope u have a wonderful time


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