Sunday, 4 March 2012

NOTD- Streetwear Mini - Rosey Glow

Hello All,

I am back with another NOT D.. I had been eyeing on these cute little bottles for a long time, but never bought any because I am not a big fan of Street wear nail polishes.. I liked their old ones, but I was not totally impressed with their new range...

I had picked up a few nail paints from this range and I must tell you, they are good in terms of their color payoff, consistency and lasting power.. I think I may be getting a lot from this range in the future.. I had purchased close to 7 nail polishes this time, mainly because its dirt cheap.. One bottle comes for Rs. 45, which means its cheaper than Elle 18.

Today I would be reviewing a beautiful rosy shade from this range - Rosey Shine..

Shade 28 - Rosey Glow

It's a beautiful Rosey pink shade that would all skin tones..

This is how it looks on my nails.

Without flash - Sorry for the shaky pic

Another one on my nails..

With flash

Why do I like this Nail Polish:

  1. It gives a creamy finish, I love creamy nail polishes
  2. The color payoff - One coat almost shows the actual color
  3.  It stays for almost 3-4 days without chipping, I don't care much about this point because I change my nail polish often
  4. The nail has the "Just Right" consistency, it neither to runny nor too thick. I think its just for this shade, because I found the other shades to be very thin and runny and may need 3-4 coats to get the correct shade.
  5. It's super affordable - It's a steal at Rs. 45
Why don't like about the polish.

  1. Might take a while to dry.
  2. I found my nails a little bit stained, that may be because I didn't do a manicure for a long time and neither did I apply a base coat - I think we can give it benefit of doubt!!!!

Overall, I like the nail polish and the range.. Will be back with a new review soon..



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