Thursday, 25 April 2013

Welcoming Summer with an Nail Art - It's ze warm sunny day !!

I had tried this nail art some time back and hope you all enjoy it.. At the moment I am going through a very bad nail phase, my nails break very often and are lifeless..  The cuticles, ufff !!! Need to go back in to full time nail care spree , me thinks  :)

This is inspired from Cute nails Youtube video by Cute nails... She is one of my favorite nail art gurus on youtube, the other one is missjenfabulous.. Please check out their channels for mind blowing nail art :)

Enjoy the pics and let me know your comments :)

I used a blue base from Envy (Health and Glow Nail paint, and dotted white nail paints fot the clouds)

Now, the sun part.. What's summer without the sun ?? I wanted to try just yellow, but it wasn't showing up on blue background.. Added black outline - I know, I messed it up :(

One of my friend comments, it looks like a modified version of Tamil Political party flag :P lol

Pics taken indoors :)

A clearer version ...

That's it for the day.. Do let me know if you have any ideas of making the sun look better :)

Please comments your thoughts and feedback on this piece of nail art !

See you all in my next post...

Adios Amigos :)




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