Thursday, 21 April 2011

Nail paints from DAME

I found these nail paints from a local supermarket..
The name sounded new, but the SA had told me that these are new products that had hit the market recently..
Its from a Bangalore based company called Johnson and Smith. Never heard of the name.. uhh!!!
Very cheap and doesn't smell like cheap nail polishes.. Voila, i took three colors instantly
Its a 9ml bottle, comes for 40 rupees each ( Dead cheap isn't it!!).. Stays on my nails for 4-5 days... Payoff is awesome..
I had first bought three colors namely Sea Green, Rich Plum ( which looks like maroon on nails) an Java brown. I was quite impressed with these colors that the next time i visited the store, i grabbed a few more. That I have almost 9 shades from their company...

I would re-purchase if I find new shades ( if i haven't purchased their entire range already!!!

Again, I am not sure about the availability, I haven't seen them anywhere else...

My rating would be 4/5, -1 for availability of course!!


  1. Yeah!! And thanks for following.. Wiseshe is my ispiration :)


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