Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lip Balm DIY

This post is about the lip balm / lipgloss that I had made. There are a lot of  lipgloss DIYs on youtube, that I had viewed a lot of times but never thought of making one.
Birth of my lip gloss:  I had bought a lipstick from Oriflame DISCO FEVER that was on discount sale. And I had bought it. I was very happy to see the color, but when I had twisted the lipstick, it fell on my lap. I was so upset that I had wasted money on it. And so my CREATIVE COPY CAT brain gave birth to this lip balm.
I had a small tub of garnier night peeling cream. I used it to store my lipbalm.

I had mixed vaseline, a little sweet almond oil and my broken lipstick, mixed thoroughly and kept it in microwave for 30 seconds and what I got was something like this

It happened to be a beautiful berryish pinkish color with shimmers....

And here is a swatch of it on my hand

Staying power is less, stays on for 30 minutes  max.....

Feeling proud to  be de discoverer of  the color...

Do comment if you'd liked it::)


  1. Lovely color
    I should also try this out :)

  2. Sure, do let me know on how well did it come!!!


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